Who Rules India?

Dear Editor,

“Who Rules India?” The book recently brought out by the CGPI is just what the doctor ordered for the working class of our country! I participated in one of the discussions on the book that the Party had organised recently.

Many of us had already bought the book and read it so that we could participate more meaningfully in the discussion. The title is eye-catching and intriguing. Many participants echoed what I felt – the book is written very clearly and in simple language. The large font adds to its readability. It traces the history of the Indian bourgeoisie from its origin; it gives tons of valuable data to illustrate each and every point.

Communists know that the bourgeoisie is the ruling class; however it is the harsh reality that we have been unable so far to equip our class with this basic recognition. I learnt in the meeting that some participants had conducted a quick survey among non-communists with a single question: Who rules India? As expected, the answers were largely one of these – BJP, the PM, or the PM and Home Minister. By exception, some people had answered – the rich. One or two said – Ambani-Adani.

This quick survey helped to strengthen the conviction that indeed communists have to take the first step of educating our class about who is the real ruler of our country. The working class of ur country indeed does not realize yet that the big fight is not on the basis of party affiliation, caste, language, region or any of the myriad divisions that are deliberately promoted or created. The big fight is on the basis of class; it is the only division that the working class must never forget, just as it is the only division that the bourgeoisie does its best to hide. Beginning from KG our students are taught that “All Indians are my brothers and sisters”.

Many comrades who had sold the book talked about the amazing response that they had received from people from various unions and parties and from all walks of life – starting with 9th standard students, up to a 93 year old lady who was promoting this book among her relatives!  A comrade who was reading it in the local train was approached by a stranger who wanted to know where the book was available.

The discussion lasted for more than 8 hours, and many participants declared that they would have wanted to stay longer and continue the discussion!

I am indeed happy that this book has been translated into so many languages. I wish it could be translated into all Indian languages!

This book will go a long way in helping our class take the first necessary step “towards organizing to replace the rule of the bourgeoisie with workers’ and peasants’ rule” that is to say, recognizing that it is the bourgeoisie that is ruling India.

Yours sincerely,
Sangeeta Joshi,


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