World-wide demonstration of solidarity with the Palestinian people

Protestors in the US parliament (Capitol) demanding ceasefire

Massive demonstrations are being held in cities across the world, with tens of thousands of people coming out on the streets in support of the Palestinian people. The protestors have condemned Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, the killing of children, the bombing of hospitals and residential areas in Gaza. They have condemned the brutal blockade of Gaza by the Israeli government, the cutting off of water and electricity supply and the passage of medical and all other humanitarian aid into Gaza. They have denounced the US and other European imperialist powers for backing Israel in its occupationist and expansionist and genocidal crimes against the Palestinian people. “We are with you Palestine”, and “Palestine will not walk alone” “Free Palestine”, and several other slogans rent the air as protestors wave Palestinian flags.

Protests in Universities across the US

Columbia University

New York University

Boston University

Cornell University

Demonstrators condemning the genocide of civilians in Gaza were witnessed in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Sri Lanka and Sweden. Tens of thousands of people protested in The Hague – Netherlands, Barcelona-Spain, in Rome-Italy, Mexico city, Tokyo-Japan, Cape Town-South Africa and at the UN Headquarters in Geneva-Switzerland. Student-led rallies have exploded from coast to coast in universities across the US. Hundreds of university students gathered in the southern French city of Toulouse on 11th October to demonstrate their support for Palestine.

Manchester, UK

London, UK

Geneva, Switzerland

Madrid, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rome, Italy

Athens, Greece

Berlin, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

Ottawa, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Belfast, Ireland

Adelaide, Australia

Chicago, US

SanFrancisco, US

Protest in a US University

Outside the Israeli Embassy, Chicago, US

On 19th October, hundreds of Jewish demonstrators holding banners and placards gathered at the heart of the US government – at Washington DC’s Capitol Hill, which is where the US legislature meets – with slogans reading, “Not in our name” and demanding that the US Congress calls for a ceasefire in Gaza. The protestors blocked the main road leading to the Capitol building and were determined to continue their sit-in till their demand was met. More than 300 demonstrators were arrested for crossing the police lines. Further protests were organised 18th-20th October across major cities of the US and Canada in support of the Palestinian people.

Massive protests were held in all major cities of Great Britain including London, Liverpool, Manchester and the Scottish capital Edinburgh. More than 100,000 people marching through these cities demanded an end to the killing of thousands of innocent people in Gaza as well as in Israel in the war between Palestinian resistance forces and the Israeli army.

Jewish people in the US declare – “Not in our name!”


Hundreds of thousands people poured out into the streets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Yemen. The angry crowds expressed condemnation of Israel’s attacks on Gaza and waved large Palestinian flags.

Istanbul, Turkiye

Damascus, Syria

Cape Town, South Africa

Seoul, Korea

Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia

Karachi, Pakistan

Amman, Jordan

Baghdad, Iraq

Havana, Cuba

Bogota, Columbia

Beirut, Lebanon

Sanaa, Yemen

Ramallah, West Bank

Nablus, West Bank

France and Germany, which had banned pro-Palestine protests saw numerous protests across their countries amid massive police presence. Several protestors were arrested.

In India, hundreds of student youth protested across the country in New Delhi, at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and other cities of Uttar Pradesh, in Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru carrying banners with the slogan, “Say No to Genocide and Occupation.” Demonstrations have been held at hundreds of sites across the southern state of Kerala following the heavy Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza. Students have been detained by the police in Bengaluru, Delhi and other places while FIRs have been lodged against students of AMU. The Uttar Pradesh government has warned of strict action against anyone found to be indulging in activities, which are opposed to the Indian government’s stand on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, and voicing support for Palestine on social media.



Outside the UN Head Quarters, Colombo, Sri Lanka

New Delhi

The governments of France and Germany, and various other countries have tried to muzzle the voices of the people for peace and justice. However, they have failed in their efforts. People across the world, are demanding the cessation of the genocide in Gaza. They are demanding an end to the occupation of Palestine by Israel. They are standing up for the rights of the Palestinian people to live in peace in their own homeland.

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