We mourn the passing away of Comrade S.K. Kulshreshtha

sksComrade S.K. Kulshreshtha passed away on 5th of November after battling a life threating disease for nearly a year.

He was born on 21st October 1941 in Narhapur village, Aligarh, U.P. After his graduation he joined the Indian Railways in 1963.  He became a station master and joined the All India Station Masters Association (AISMA). He actively participated in the historic Railway strike of 1974. The railway administration came down brutally on the striking workers and dismissed from service tens of thousands of railway worker activists all across the country. Comrade S.K. Kulshreshtha was one of these active leaders and he was also dismissed from service. However many along with Comrade Kulshreshtha were later on reinstated.

Comrade Kulshreshtha rose to become the Central Organising Secretary (COS) of AISMA and was also the Central Office Bearer (COB) of All India Railway Employees Confederation (AIREC), the umbrella body of the category-wise organisations of the railway workers.

He was a communist and a leading organiser of the railway workers. After he retired from the railways in 2001 he continued to fight in defence of the rights of workers and fought the cases of over 1000 workers victimised under the harsh D&AR (Discipline and Appeal Rules) of the Indian Railways. He became known as a legal expert on these rules and successfully defended workers punished and even removed from service under these rules and got them reinstated.

He came close to our Party in his later years and organised many meetings of railway workers which were addressed by our party comrades.

To his last breath he was a fighter for the cause of the working class and we dip our red flag in his memory.

Long Live Comrade S. K. Kulshreshta!

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