Bombing of residential buildings, hospitals and refugee camps is not self-defence but genocide and war crimes

Statement of Indian Workers Association (GB), November 11, 2023

It is now five weeks since October 7th, the Israeli occupation army has been incessantly bombing civilian residences, hospitals and even the refugee camps in Gaza. The people on the roads, leaving North Gaza for the South are not being spared.

Nearly 80% of the buildings been raised to the ground or rendered uninhabitable, with countless people buried alive under the rubble. Nearly half of the hospitals are ruined and can provide no assistance to the injured and the rest of them can offer only limited service due to lack of medicines and medical equipment, oxygen cylinders, anaesthetics, fuel, electricity  etc as the Zionists have  blockaded the borders.

More than 11,000 Palestinian people have been murdered including more than 4,500 children and babies, and more than 2,000 women. More than 195 medical staff have been killed with bombs on hospitals and ambulances. Tens of thousands of people have been grievously injured.

People of Gaza have been deprived of food, water, electricity, and fuel.

All this is being justified under the Israel’s right to “self-defence.” The occupying army makes utterly false claims that Hamas fighters are operating from under the hospitals to justify the bombing, without any proof to that effect. Such is the scale of destruction and uprooting of people that it is being called second Nakba (ethnic cleansing of Palestinians), the first being in 1948 when Israel was established by forcibly evicting the Palestinians from their houses and land.

Israel has refused to stop its genocidal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza despite a resolution being passed in UN general assembly by overwhelming majority in favour of a cease-fire, despite millions upon millions of people all over the world demonstrating against the genocide of Palestinian people in Gaza.

Why? Because the world’s foremost armed country the US, the fountainhead of terrorism in the world, is defending the Israel’s so-called right to self-defence. Why? Because the US uses Israel as its policeman in the oil rich middle east to crush the Palestinian and other Arab people, divide them, and safeguard its interests. The US has rushed in arms and money to assist Israel in its genocidal war. Its special forces are working in close coordination with the Israeli occupation army. It has parked two aircraft carriers and other warships of the coast of Israel and Gaza and sent thousands of troops to the region to threaten the Palestinian and other Arab peoples.

There have been protests against the atrocities committed by Israel every week. Tens of thousands of people have been showing their solidarity with Palestinian people, but the British government is trying to discourage people taking part in them. Last week they complained about police for not arresting people shouting ‘jihad’ or the slogan ‘from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’. This week they tried to get it cancelled giving the excuse that it is disrespectful as 11th November is the Armistice Day.

The British government is not calling for an end to genocide in Gaza, despite millions of people demanding this. The British state is ignoring our voice as it has done it previously, when people raised their voice against launching the war against Iraq.

What does it show? It shows that when it comes to crucial issues, the people it this country have no say in decision making. They can vote every five or so years to elect a party, who will rule or misrule over them, after that they have no control over the decisions taken in the parliament. It shows that we need to change this system, with a alternative system where we will be able to take decisions in our interests in the interest of humanity.

There is no difference between the Conservative and Labour parties. Both are condoning the genocide under the excuse of Israel’s “right to self-defence”.

Indian Workers Association calls upon all justice loving people to condemn the Israeli Zionists and their backers US imperialism and the British and EU for the crimes being committed against humanity.

Stop the genocide of Palestinian People! Cease-fire now!
Indian Workers Association (Great Britain)
Join the demonstration on November 11th , 2023
Assemble at Hyde Park, 12.00 Noon and March to US Embassy

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