Meeting in Mumbai condemns Israel’s genocidal war

On November 5 a meeting was organised in Mumbai by the Regional Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India on the ongoing genocidal war being waged by Israel against the people of Palestine.

The presentation and discussion in the meeting highlighted the criminal role of Anglo-American imperialism over more than a century, in depriving the Palestinian people of their own homeland. The struggle of the Palestinian people for their own homeland is a just struggle of an oppressed people against imperialism. It is not a struggle between two religions as portrayed by the imperialist media.

The Anglo American imperialists plotted to deprive the Palestinian people of their own homeland during the course of the First World War. This was a war between two groups of imperialist powers for the redivision of the colonies, markets, and sources of raw material. World War – I was a war between two groups of imperialist powers for the redivision of the world. One group of imperialist powers consisted of Britain, France, US and their allies. The other group consisted of Germany, Austro-Hungary and Turkey. The former won the war.

During this War the old methods of fighting based on cavalry were supplanted by tanks, trucks, aeroplanes and submarines. The Anglo-American and other imperialists realized that future wars would be won by those who controlled oil. In the deal between the victors, Britain acquired control over Palestine, which earlier had been ruled over by the Turkish Sultan. Surrounded as it is by the oil-rich countries of West Asia and Africa, the Anglo-Americans hatched a plan to create Israel right in the land of Palestine.

During the period between the two world wars, the British state encouraged the migration of Jews from Europe into Palestine and assisted the new settlers to forcibly take over the lands of the Palestinian people. After the World War – I, and particularly during the Second World War, the Nazi-fascists brutally attacked the Jews in the occupied territories of Europe, killing millions of them in gas chambers and concentration camps. At the end of the war, those who survived were encouraged by the Anglo American imperialists to go to Palestine.

On 14th May 1948, Israel was carved out of Palestine. Right from the next day, it launched a war to grab more and more areas from Palestine. US imperialists continue to arm it and finance it with countless billions of dollars. Israel acts like a loaded gun pointed at the Palestinian and other Arab peoples.

Despite the vast majority of countries standing up for the rights of the Palestinians through all these years, the US continues to use its veto power in the UNO to thwart any resolution against Israel.

The Anglo American imperialists and their European allies are openly backing Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people. Germany and France have banned demonstrations that express solidarity with the Palestinian people. However, this has not stopped millions of people in various countries from demonstrating for immediate cease fire and against US imperialism.

The interests of international finance capital are well served by such wars and conflicts. The military-industrial complex of the USA is making enormous profits by selling weapons.

The imperialists are turning truth on its head by portraying the heroic resistance struggle of the Palestinian people as ‘terroristic acts’ and the terroristic acts of the Israeli state as “self-defence”. Israel and its imperialist backers must be stopped in their tracks.

The people of India are opposed to Israel’s genocidal war against the Palestinian people. The stand taken by the government of India of abstaining from the UN General Assembly resolution calling for immediate ceasefire deserves to be condemned. The government of India must come out unequivocally in favor of an immediate unconditional ceasefire. It must support the demand of the majority of member states of the UN that Israel must withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories to its pre-1967 borders, and the Palestinian people must have their own state, with East Jerusalem as its capital!

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