Unite against the program of privatisation and liberalisation!

Fight to establish workers’ and peasants’ rule!

Call of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India for May Day 2024

Comrade workers!

We are approaching May Day at a time when workers and peasants are engaged in mass protests against the privatisation and liberalisation program of the bourgeoisie.  Unemployment has reached an unprecedented level. The majority of jobs available are of the lowest quality. Wages of employed workers are lagging behind the rapidly rising food and fuel prices. Peasants are facing declining incomes and unbearable debt burden.

May Day comes in the midst of the General Elections for the 18th Lok Sabha. Two coalitions of political parties, the NDA led by BJP and the INDIA alliance headed by Congress Party, are both promising to address the burning problems of the workers and peasants. However, their past track record shows that these parties are committed to fulfil the greed of the bourgeois class, headed by the monopoly capitalist houses.

The leaders of BJP claim that they are committed to get rid of corruption, but the electoral bonds scheme shows that this party is as corrupt as any other bourgeois party. Facts show that corruption is an inseparable part of the present system in which there is a close nexus between super-rich capitalists and the politicians in charge of the government.

Congress Party claims it will provide jobs for the youth but it is committed to maintain the same capitalist system which is the root cause of the growing unemployment.

Neither the BJP-led NDA nor the Congress-led INDIA alliance has any real solution to the problems of unemployment, inflation, intensifying exploitation of workers and loot of peasants. They are both committed to preserve the capitalist system with the monopoly houses at the head.

Both BJP and Congress Party are promising various sops such as free food grains and cash transfers to poor families. They look upon workers and peasants as beggars.

We who produce the wealth of India are not begging for any favour from those in power. We are demanding secure livelihood and a dignified life as a matter of right.

BJP is talking about guarantees. However, neither the right to work nor job security is guaranteed in the existing system. There is no guarantee that those who work will be paid at least minimum wages. There is no guarantee that kisans will be paid at least the minimum support price for their crops. Super-rich capitalists are guaranteed maximum profits.

Congress Party is promising justice. However, there can be no justice for the working people as long as the present exploitative and unjust system remains intact. Those who organise communal violence are not punished in this system, while those who oppose oppression are thrown into jail.

Comrade workers!

Elections in the existing parliamentary system is not a process through which the masses of people express their will. It is a process in which parties of vested interests, such as BJP and Congress Party, act as gate keepers of the bourgeoisie, keeping working people excluded from decision-making power.

We workers, peasants and other working people have no role in selecting the candidates. The candidates for election are selected by the high command of the rival bourgeois parties. Super-rich capitalists give billions of rupees for these parties to spend on their election campaigns. Every possible inducement is used to bring the toiling masses to fill the grounds for the rallies of these parties. Their leaders spout one lie after another and people are expected to applaud. Through these rallies, each of these parties communicates to the ruling bourgeois class that it is better than its rivals in fooling the people.

The party which forms the government works to enrich its capitalist financiers.  Workers and peasants have no control over those who are supposed to be their representatives. We cannot do anything when they blatantly act against our interests.

Elections in this system serve the ruling bourgeois class to entrust the executive power to that party or alliance which can most effectively fool the people while implementing the program of fulfilling capitalist greed.

Life experience shows that we cannot believe any of the promises that bourgeois parties make in their election campaigns.

No matter whether the BJP-led NDA or the Congress-led INDIA alliance forms the next government, it will work to fulfil the greed of capitalists for maximum profits. It will do so by intensifying the exploitation of workers, robbery of peasants, and plunder of the natural resources of our country.

No matter who forms the government, we have to escalate our struggle against the privatisation and liberalisation program. We have to further strengthen our fighting unity in defence of our livelihood and rights. We have to further strengthen the unity of workers and peasants against the bourgeoisie and around our common charter of demands.

We have to fight with the aim of capturing political power and becoming the malik of India. Only then can we get rid of the exploitative and oppressive system that is perpetuating capitalist exploitation, caste discrimination, oppression of women, and the persecution of people on the basis of their religion, language, culture, etc. Only then can we ensure that the economy is oriented to fulfil the ever-growing needs of the entire people and not the greed of capitalists.

Comrade workers,

Our revolutionary forefathers fought against colonial rule with the aim of becoming the malik of India. They knew that political power in their hands was the necessary condition to get rid of the conditions of slavery to the colonialists.  This is why those who rose in revolt in the Great Ghadar of 1857 gave the clarion call “Hum hain iske malik, Hindustan hamara!”.

When India gained freedom from colonial rule, we the people did not become the malik.  The bourgeoisie, headed by the big capitalists and big landowners, became the malik. Their representatives sitting in the Constituent Assembly drafted a constitution that legitimised their rule over the people. Learning from the experience of Britain and other advanced capitalist countries, they adopted multi-party representative democracy as the form best suited to exercise their dictatorship. It is a system that fosters the illusion in the minds of the people that they have a say in political power, while actually ensuring that people are kept out of decision-making power.

The age-old aspiration of our people for an end to all forms of exploitation and oppression will remain unfulfilled as long as we workers and peasants do not take political power into our hands.

With political power in our hands, we must take over the principal means of production from the hands of the capitalist class and place them under social control. We must reorient the economy to fulfil the ever-growing needs of the whole of society.

We must establish a modern democracy based on a new Constitution which will guarantee the human and democratic rights of the people. It will ensure that decision making power lies in the hands of the people. The electorate must select the list of candidates who can stand for elections. We must enjoy the right to recall elected representatives whose work is unsatisfactory, as well as the right to initiate legislation.

In the new system, the ministers who wield executive power will be accountable to the elected legislative body and all elected representatives will be accountable to the electorate. There will be no private funding of election campaigns of any candidate. The State will finance the entire process of selection of candidates and the election campaigns of the selected candidates.

Comrade workers!

The Communist Ghadar Party of India salutes the fighting workers of all lands on the occasion of May Day!

In all the capitalist countries of the world, working people are coming out onto the streets in defence of their livelihood and rights. They are opposing imperialist sponsored wars, including the genocide launched by Israel against the Palestinian people, with the backing of US imperialism.

In all the capitalist countries, the system of multi-party democracy is getting increasingly discredited. It is being exposed as the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, headed by the biggest monopoly capitalists. The conditions are calling on the working class to lead the struggle for establishing a new system in which decision-making power is vested in the people.

Comrade workers!

Let us resolve to relentlessly struggle in defence of our rights!
Let us advance our united struggle against the liberalisation and privatisation program!
Let us get organized to become the malik of India!

Hum hain iske malik, Hum hain Hindustan,
Mazdoor, Kisan, Aurat aur Jawan!

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