May Day Celebrated in Tamil Nadu

Report by correspondent of Workers’ Unity Movement, Tamil Nadu

May Day 2024 was militantly celebrated all over Tamil Nadu. Trade Unions hoisted the Red Flag at factory gates. Workers’ unions also held public meetings and rallies in most of the cities and towns. In these meetings and rallies, workers recalled the heroic sacrifices, which have won them certain rights.

May Day Rally in Chennai
May Day Rally in Chennai

However, in the current situation, many of these hard-won rights are under attack.  Workers in all sectors are resisting these attacks. In the May Day programs, workers demanded that the anti-worker labour codes should be withdrawn, all workers should have security of employment, contract labour should be abolished, pension, medical, bonus and other benefits should be provided to all workers. They also denounced the increasing attacks by the capitalists and their government, on the right of workers to form trade unions and the right to agitate for their just demands.


In Chennai, VHS Hospital workers hoisted the Red flag at their hospital gate and the union leaders addressed the workers. They asked the workers to strengthen their unity and defend their rights. The workers resolved to fight for their rights. A decision was taken to organize a meeting of the workers every month to plan their agitations and mass actions.


BSNL workers held a demonstration at the main office at Anna Salai. They denounced the privatization efforts of the government and expressed their determination to fight back against these attacks. Workers of Doordarshan held their Mayday meeting at the gates of their office and reaffirmed their unity to fight for their rights.

Garments worker

Garment workers, under the banner of their union, GAFWU, held their May Day meeting at Chengelpet. Large number of women workers belonging to about 20 garment industries took part in this militant meeting. They demanded that the government should immediately implement the new minimum wages for the garment workers, which are due since the past 5 years. Workers took a decision to intensify their agitations, if the government fails to revise their wages with immediate effect.

Chennai Metro water workers held a May Day meeting and a general body meeting, which was attended by around 200 workers. They demanded fulfillment of their long pending demands.


In Hosur, Socialist Workers’ Movement, together with Kansai Neroloc Workers Union, took the initiative to organize joint Mayday programs. Under the leadership of Ashok Leyland Employees Union (unit-2), 11 workers unions – including Asia Tobacco United Employees Union, GE Employees Union, Hosur Bata Employees Union, Mylon Laboratories Workers Union, Myva Pharma Workers Union, Microlabs Workers Welfare Sangam, Perocoat Products United Employees Union, Terex Employees Union, and Vek Industries Workers Union — took part in this militant May Day rally. Large number of workers, both women and men, participated. Workers demanded the withdrawal of the anti-worker labour codes and all anti-people laws. They demanded that all contract and apprentice workers should be made permanent and that all workers should be guaranteed a wage that ensures a dignified life, in the present conditions.


Central Organization of Indian Trade Unions (COITU) held a big May Day rally in Madurai. Workers of 108 Ambulance Services, government hospital nurses and other paramedical staff, as well as LPG CDMTU workers took part in this meeting. They demanded higher wages, job security and other rights.

AITUC, CITU, LTUC, LPF, AICCTU and many other trade unions organized May Day rallies in different parts of Chennai city as well as throughout Tamil Nadu.

Militant May Day programs were held in Coimbature, Madurai, Salem, Thirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Thirupur, Erode, Dharmapuri, Nagercoil and many other cities and towns. Workers unions under the Tamil Nadu Trade Union Center, such as 108 Ambulance Workers Unions and the leather industry workers of Ambur and Vaniambadi regions, have announced that they will hold their May Day meetings on various days during the month of May.

Workers Unity Movement carried on a weeklong campaign, leading up to May Day, in the industrial areas of Chennai, and other cities of Tamilnadu.

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