Lok Sabha Elections 2024:
Kisan Andolan – The Way Forward

Report by Mazdoor Ekta Committee’s correspondent

“A few monopoly capitalist companies wish to dominate the whole world. From my experience of the last 40 years, I can say that the root of all the problems, is the capitalist system.”

These were the brave sentiments expressed by Shri Surjeet Singh Phul, President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Krantikari (Punjab). He was addressing the meeting on ‘Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Kisan Andolan – The Way Forward’ organized by Mazdoor Ekta Committee on 26th May 2024. Activists from all corners of the country and abroad, actively involved in the struggle to defend the rights of workers, peasants, women and youth, attended the meeting in large numbers.

Shri Birju Nayak, Secretary, Mazdoor Ekta Committee, welcomed all the speakers and the participants to the meeting organized to discuss this burning issue. Referring to the various promises made to the workers and peasants by both the BJP-led NDA alliance and the Congress Party-led All India Alliance, during the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 campaign, Shri Birju made it clear that the fundamental demand of farmers for a law guaranteeing Minimum Support Price (MSP) has not been fulfilled by the government till date. Therefore, the struggle of farmers continues even today.

He then invited the speakers to address the gathering.

Speaking on behalf of Mazdoor Ekta Committee, Shri Santosh Kumar, described the protest of the agitating farmers at Shambhu border of Delhi on 13th February, 2024 and the ongoing struggle of farmers at many other places in Punjab-Haryana. He pointed out that the demand of farmers for legal guarantee of MSP is completely just. Successive governments have refused to implement this demand. The reason for this refusal to implement the demand is that Indian and foreign monopoly capitalists wish to dominate the country’s agricultural trade. Indian and foreign capitalists eye the agricultural sector as highly profitable for them.

Shri Santosh Kumar explained that during the past 70 years governments have changed many times but the conditions of workers and peasants have not changed. It is clear that the problem is not with the governments but with the capitalist system itself. We workers and peasants, who produce all the wealth of the country, will have to become the owners of all the means of production. We will have to establish a new system whose aim will be to ensure livelihood and prosperity of all the working people, instead of serving the interests of and increasing the profits of, big monopoly capitalists, both domestic and foreign.

Shri Surjeet Singh Phul, President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Krantikari (Punjab) clearly stated that when the British rulers left in 1947, the government of the country was passed on into the hands of the representatives of the capitalist class of India. No matter which party is in power, our rulers have been working as per the instructions of the institutions that protect the interests of the big capitalists of the world – World Bank, IMF, etc.,. The big capitalist companies of the world wish to control the trade of all the countries of the world by using institutions like WTO and want to loot the agriculture produce as well as other resources of all the countries. To fulfil this mission, the Indian government imposed three anti-farmer laws, against which we fought so hard and finally got them withdrawn. But our demands have not yet been met and we are continuing our struggle.

Citing many examples, Mr. Surjeet Singh Phul demonstrated clearly how, during the last ten years, the government has worked hard to fill the coffers of big capitalists and ruthlessly crush all the struggles of the people. Through communal propaganda and violence, various kinds of lies have been spread to break the fighting unity of the people and to mislead the people and create confusion amongst them. Reaffirming the farmers’ longstanding demands – namely, for the legal guarantee of MSP, for the loan waiver and for the rejection of Electricity Amendment Bill 2022, he called for strengthening the unity of workers and peasants in the struggle to end the pro-capitalist policies of the government.

Mr. Govindaswamy, an activist worker from Tamil Nadu, fighting for the solution to farmers’ problems, attributed the migration of millions of people from villages to cities to their declining agricultural income. Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, water resources, land, electricity, everything needed for agriculture, is today controlled by domestic and foreign monopoly capitalists. Irrespective of which party is in power, the agricultural policy, the industrial policy, the trade policy of our rulers – all are directed towards increasing the profits of the monopoly capitalists. As a result, our farmers are not getting the right price for their produce and workers are not getting just wages for their labour.

Mr. Govindaswamy demanded that the cost of production, family labour and land rent – all three factors should be included while computing the MSP to be given to farmers. In addition to the cost of production, 50 per cent more should be given as MSP so that the farmers can lead a dignified human life. But no government, serving the interests of monopoly capitalists is going to ensure this. If the farmers of the country are not able to lead a dignified life, the economy cannot move forward. Shri Govindaswamy concluded his speech with an inspiring message that farmers must unite with workers and fight for their bright future.

Many other participants of the meeting also expressed their views.

Vice-President of Lok Raj Sangathan Shri Hanuman Prasad Sharma exposed the reality of the much-hyped Pradhan Mantri Kisan Bima Yojana of the BJP government, explaining that it is giving a free hand to private insurance companies to loot farmers.

Shri Balvinder Singh Rana, a trade union activist from Britain, described the brave and steadfast struggle of the farmers of India as an example for the working class of the whole world.

Ms. Sucharita, an activist of Purogami Mahila Sangathan (PMS), explained that the demand for the guaranteed MSP and assured government procurement for all crops is not only completely justified, but also very much possible to implement in practice, refuting the arguments dished out by the various spokespersons of the ruling class.

Shri KK Singh, an activist of Lok Paksha, stressed on the necessity for the united struggle of workers and peasants to end the capitalist system and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat in its place.

Mr. Dalvinder from Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) drew the attention of the gathering to the urgent need to end the control of the big monopoly capitalists of the world over various agricultural inputs, prices of agricultural produce, agricultural trade, etc.

Mr. Salvinder, a militant activist fighting for workers’ rights in Britain, described the way forward for the solution of the Indian farmers’ misery as that which the workers of Russia had demonstrated in 1917 – the rule of the working class in place of the capitalist system.

Mr. Kasirajan, an activist of the VIOP IT Workers Union, described the struggle of IT workers against the oppressive and exploitative policies of the government.

Rakesh Chandra, an activist of the Railway Trackmen Union, Sanjay Gaba, a trade union activist and a few other activists also spoke on this occasion.

Concluding the meeting, Shri Birju Nayak called upon everyone to strengthen our militant unity and intensify the struggle for our livelihood and in defence of our basic rights with a clear goal in mind that we will have to establish the rule of workers and peasants in place of the present capitalist rule.

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