The ruling class is setting its favorite communal trap

There is great discontent amongst the workers, peasants, and middle strata against their conditions today.

There is great discontent amongst the workers, peasants, and middle strata against their conditions today. The course being pursued by the Manmohan Singh government of greater integration of India into the world imperialist system, by eliminating restrictions to foreign direct investment in retail trade and other key sectors of the economy, is being opposed by increasing sections of the people. Rising price of all food items, as well as further massive increases expected in petrol and diesel prices as a result of the continuous lowering of value of rupee with respect to the dollar, are making people extremely angry.

Neither the Congress nor the BJP have any solution to the problems facing the people. General Elections are due in less than a year’s time. In such conditions, the ruling class is once again deploying its favorite weapon of unleashing communalism and communal violence. It is working overtime to inflame passions, divide, disorient and crush the united opposition of the working masses to its anti people course.

The recent round of whipping up passions commenced during the month of Ramzaan with the shooting down of innocent people in the Kashmir valley by the armed forces. When people retaliated, the armed forces resorted to more firing and imposed curfew. Curfew and army terror during this holy month naturally led to heightened tensions in the valley. Precisely during these days, the so called “village defence committees” — police organizations set up by the state to inform on Muslimsas well as to spread communal poison — had been carrying out poisonous propaganda against the people of the Muslim faith. On the day of Id, riots and clashes were organized in Kishtwar in Jammu region. Leaders of both the Congress and BJP, were active on the streets and in market places, as well as in the television studios of the monopoly media, whipping up passions and dividing the polity along religious lines.

It is known that in electoral terms, Uttar Pradesh is the big battlefield for the 2014 General Elections, and both BJP and Congress are in a difficult situation in this state. In the assembly elections in 2012, these two parties finished third and fourth respectively, in terms of both seats and vote percentage. In fact, the ruling class political pundits fear that poor results for both the Congress and BJP in UP in 2014 could produce a situation wherein neither of these two parties may be in a position to form a stable coalition government. The ruling class is desperate to ensure that there is no hung parliament, that there is a “stable” government after the elections, as expressed by President Pranab Mukherji in his independence day eve address. The heightened tension in Uttar Pradesh, following the announcement of the chaurasi kos march by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, through Faizabad and other districts surrounding Ayodhya should be seen in this light.

It can be expected that in the days and months ahead the ruling class and its main political parties, the Congress and BJP will organize to whip up communal passions in UP and other states, so as to smash the unity of the working masses and paralyse the growing opposition of people to the anti popular program of globalisation through liberalisation and privatisation.

The ruling class makes out that the Indian state is secular, and that the problem is that some parties are not truly secular but incite communal passions to advance their interests. In fact, the reality is that the Indian state is not secular. It is a communal state, built on communal foundations. This same state apparatus has been deployed by various parties of the ruling class to carry out communal genocide to further the interests of the ruling class.

All the ruling class partiesinvariably divide people on the basis of religion, caste and ethnicity, to create their vote banks and win elections.None of the parties of the ruling class have any sympathy for the working people, irrespective of whether they belong to the Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, or any other faith.None of them have any sympathy for the people who are victims of caste oppression, or oppression on the basis of language, ethnicity, etc. Ultimately, whichever party or coalition of the ruling class comes to power, it will be the agenda of the ruling class that will be implemented.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon all political activists fighting for the rights and interests of the working class and toiling masses to foil the plans of the ruling class and its main political parties, the Congress and BJP to engulf the people in a communal bloodbath. People must be organised in samitis in their residential areas and work places. Through these samitis, we must ensure that the parties and organisations spreading communal poison and organising communal violence are isolated, exposed, and defeated.  


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