1st January, 2010: New Year’s Message from General Secretary of CGPI

Dear Comrades,
I would like to convey my best wishes to you for the New Year, 2010.  It is the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.  It is the 30th year in the life of our party.  It promises to be a very significant year in the history of Indian society.

Dear Comrades,
I would like to convey my best wishes to you for the New Year, 2010.  It is the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.  It is the 30th year in the life of our party.  It promises to be a very significant year in the history of Indian society.

As the year opens, we find the ruling class boasting about the growth of the Indian economy. However, the economy of India produces prosperity and wealth only for a minority. It produces extreme insecurity, poverty and misery for the toiling majority. Capitalist growth is destroying the most productive asset of India, her people.  Millions of workers and peasants face the prospect of unemployment, super-exploitation or ruination. Capitalism also threatens to destroy the natural environment.  Indian capitalists are also expanding their exploitation and plunder of the land and labour of other countries

The more rapidly capitalism grows, more widespread is the discontent among the people of our country.  In addition to the periodic outbursts among peasants and tribal peoples, we are now witnessing the beginnings of a new upsurge in the working class. This includes not only the traditionally unionized sections, but also the newly unionizing sections of the working class, including airline pilots and workers in IT companies.  Contradictions within the bourgeois class are also sharpening.  This is the reason that various disputes are emerging over the definition and redefinition of state boundaries.

The science of communism teaches us that there is only one way to resolve the contradictions of capitalism and take society to its next higher stage.  The working class must lead a revolution and take charge of the affairs of society.  It must become the ruling class in alliance with the peasantry and other oppressed masses.  The working class must take control of the means of production and turn them into social property, so that the economy can produce prosperity for all the working people.  It must establish a new state that would protect the interests of the toiling people.

The Indian working class is being prevented from playing its revolutionary role by parties that call themselves communist but are nothing but electoral machines. Such parties promote the harmful illusion that the working class can gain something by aligning with one section of the bourgeoisie against another.  They ask workers to vote for one or another bourgeois parliamentary front, which they claim will deliver something in their interest. They hide the reality that the parliamentary system is designed to keep the bourgeoisie in power.  They hide the fact that the interests of the bourgeoisie and interests of the working class are irreconcilable.  They spread the illusion that capitalism can benefit the toiling people if it is managed properly.

The working class and communist movement is also being diverted from its aim by parties that are acting like military machines. Armed attacks on individual members of the ruling class, without politically preparing the working class to become the ruling class, do not serve the cause of revolution and socialism. It only serves the bourgeoisie and its method of unleashing state terror in the name of fighting individual terror.

The working class movement is kept locked and chained by pseudo-communist parties of different types, which are spreading illusions about capitalism and the bourgeoisie.  Such parties have converted communism into a harmless parliamentary opposition, or reduced it to a variant of terrorism. Without smashing these chains, the working class cannot play its historic revolutionary role.

The working class of our country needs a vanguard party that would lift the veil of anti-consciousness that has been imposed on the class.  Such a party cannot be an electoral machine; nor can it be a military machine.  It has to be an instrument for empowering the working class and all the oppressed.  It is this kind of party we have been building and strengthening over the past 29 years, the Communist Ghadar Party of India.


As you all know, the Central Committee of our party has been consciously organizing the education and training of all our activists in scientific communist thought and action. Numerous sessions of the Communist School have been organized to study the experience of revolutions in the world, and the experience of revolutionary movements in India since the Great Ghadar of 1857.  This has gone hand in hand with the practical work of giving a concrete organizational form to the growing unity against the bourgeois program of globalisation through liberalisation and privatisation.

The latest session of communist schooling organized by our party was the conference on 26-27 December, following our anniversary celebration.  This conference represents a new milestone in our work of preparing the leaders of the working class of our country, which is the future leader of all the Indian people.

At a time when capitalism is in deep crisis on the world scale, and the Indian bourgeoisie is on an aggressive imperialist drive, the Indian working class and communist movement faces a historic challenge. The challenge is to block the path of the aggressive imperialist bourgeoisie of our country and usher in the rule of the working class, in alliance with the peasantry and all the oppressed masses.  Everything we do must serve to achieve this aim.

Our party has been working consistently to build the political army that can turn the situation around.  This work involves building mass organizations among the workers, peasants, women and youth. It involves raising the level of communist leadership of the class struggle against capitalism and the bourgeoisie. This work is going to reach new heights in this coming year 2010. The New Year will witness accelerated growth of communist education through communist schools in different parts of the country.

Come comrades; let us welcome the New Year with revolutionary optimism!  Let us renew our pledge and redouble our efforts to build and strengthen our party!  Let us smash the bourgeois lines within the working class movement, so as to pave the way for the dictatorship of the proletariat in India!

With warm revolutionary greetings,
Lal Singh
Gen. Secretary, CGPI

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