General Strike

The Editor,

The Editor,

It gave me great joy to read the report on the strike of September 7, 2010 across the length and breadth of the country in the columns of MEL. It was heartening to read about the scale and the intensity of the strike, and the broad sections of the working class that participated in the strike.  The strike heralds a new tomorrow where the working class will be the torchbearer of progress for society, through its conscious work as the gravedigger of the bourgeoisie.

The bourgeoisie is taking the country on the disastrous path of ever intensifying capitalist exploitation leading to the immiseration of the masses and pauperization of the peasantry. The strike comes at a time when the working masses are fed up with this state of affairs.  They have articulated their demands in specific terms, in that the prices of essential commodities be brought under control, prices of fuel brought under control, that there be a roll back of privatization of public property and an end to the practice of contract labour.  By articulating the demands in this manner, the working class is making an effort to bring to the centre stage the issue of the claim of the working class to the produce of society, and indeed that of all the people of India. It is contesting the claim that only those with property and the means to manipulate polity be the sole beneficiaries of the benefits of modern production.

The CGPI is playing the role of igniting this consciousness in the working class. It is playing its historical role of being the vanguard of the working class. I congratulate the party on its work and look forward to reading more about the onset of the revolutionary tide across the length and breadth of India.

S. Nair, Kochi

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