Oppose India’s participation in the US strategy

The article entitled “US unveils strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia: Grave threat to all peoples of the region” in the September 16-30, 2017 issue of MEL is educative and a must for the working class which is constantly bombarded by the Indian ruling class controlled media, the world according to which is one where Pakistan is the epicentre of terror, and that it is the US that is the guardian of democracy in the world, and also in the region. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The crucial step taken by the present President of the US, Mr. Donald Trump, is to state that the US would not withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. These occupation forces have been in Afghanistan for a decade and a half, and have installed a government that is a puppet of the US. By using the pretext that it is the US support that keeps the present government in power, and stating that the withdrawal will allow the Taliban and other forces to come into power, the US justifies its denying sovereignty to the people of Afghanistan.

It also dovetails India into this policy, which has long sought to have a say in the affairs of Afghanistan. Indian ruling circles are filled with glee because this has required the US to declare Pakistan to be the source of terror attacks in Afghanistan. Everyone knows what the truth is: the Taliban and other forces were created by US with Pakistan’s support to fight the Soviet occupation. Once that ended and the Soviet Union collapsed and the Cold War ended, Pakistan and US have parted ways. Now the main strategy of the US is to face off China as its main threat. The fact that Pakistan and China are close allies has led to the US dumping Pakistan as a preferred ally. In particular, it is Pakistan itself that is frequent victim of terror attacks. It is clear that all the big powers in the region use terror and intrigue as a method to maneoeuvre in troubled waters.

India is being used by the US to contain China, by also being offered the south and south-east as possible spheres of influence. If there is anything to be learnt from the experience of Pakistan, it is that US imperialism will use any country one day, and dump it the next day. The Indian ruling circles think that they can outwit the US in its strategy, but history will prove otherwise. The only way out of this quandary is for all the working peoples of the region to realize that there is nothing to be gained with any kind of strategic alliance with the US. Let us all second the call of the CGPI to “… condemn the US imperialist strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia as directed against sovereignty of all countries, and against peace in Asia. We must resolutely oppose India’s participation in this diabolical strategy.”

Nitin Tawde,


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