Unite against the capitalist system of maximum loot and plunder!

The working class has to fight to become the ruling class!

May Day Call of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 2011

Replacing one party or coalition by another in the existing capitalist democracy does not lead to any advance for the toiling masses.  It does not change the capitalist orientation of the economy.  It does not end the loot and plunder of our land and labour, nor the attacks on our rights. The only way the situation will change is if we who produce the wealth of India become her masters.  Then and only then can we reorient the economy to provide prosperity and protection for all.

The working class has to fight to become the ruling class

May Day Call of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, 2011

  Comrade workers!

May Day is an occasion to think, discuss and decide what we must do in the face the growing attacks on our livelihood and rights. The degree of exploitation of our labour and loot of our peasant brothers and sisters has reached unbearable levels. Food prices continue to climb to unprecedented levels and so does the degree of insecurity of livelihood. The value our toil creates is being robbed and accumulated in the hands of the big business houses and their agents, both legally and secretly in Swiss bank accounts. The ‘government of the aam aadmi’ stands exposed as the agency of the biggest capitalist profiteers and robbers of the land.

All over the world, people have seen governments claiming to represent their aspirations and interests brazenly acting to protect the ‘right’ of capitalist monopolies to pocket maximum profits all the time.They are trampling in the mud the rights of labour, the rights of tillers of the land, national and tribal rights, women’s rights and the human rights of large sections of the population.Imperialist powers are giving themselves the ‘right’ to invade and occupy countries on false pretexts, as they have done in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya.The champions of ‘multi-party democracy’ are being exposed as fascist dictators and imperialist aggressors.

We have seen governments of various coalitions in our country in recent decades, calling themselves all kinds of fancy names, implement one and the same capitalist program.The present coalition led by the Congress Party calls itself a United Progressive Alliance.The previous coalition led by BJP called itself a National Democratic Alliance.The CPI(M)-led coalition in West Bengal calls itself a Left Front.It also supported a Third Front at the Centre, in which the CPI participated, and which was presented as the alternative to the Congress and BJP led fronts.However, the result has remained the same under all these fronts.

The Tatas, Ambanis and other super-rich business houses have accumulated wealth more rapidly than ever before.The toiling majority has been subjected to intensified exploitation, open and hidden taxation, robbery in the unequal market place, and land grab for the benefit of the capitalist monopolies.In short, life experience shows that the first, second and third fronts are all different fronts of the same class.They are committed to defend the same system and implement the same capitalist program.

It does not matter by what name a party or front calls itself.To come to power and stay there, it will implement what the big capitalists want, at the expense of the livelihood and rights of workers and peasants.The big capitalists control the state institutions and the principal parties in parliament.The big capitalists decide who should be in the Cabinet, and which individual should hold which portfolio.What exists is therefore a capitalist democracy, a democracy for the owners of capital and a brutal dictatorship over the toiling majority.

Therefore, replacing one party or coalition by another in the existing capitalist democracy does not lead to any advance for the toiling masses.It does not change the capitalist orientation of the economy.It does not end the loot and plunder of our land and labour, nor the attacks on our rights. The only way the situation will change is if we who produce the wealth of India become her masters.Then and only then can we reorient the economy to provide prosperity and protection for all.

Comrade workers!

The Communist Ghadar Party of India believes that the time has come for the working class to unite around its own independent program of becoming the ruling class, in alliance with all the toiling and oppressed sections of the people.The aim of this program is to change the very nature of the state power, the political process and the economic system.We need a radically different kind of democracy, in which workers and peasants will be the masters of society and set its agenda.The toiling masses organised in constituency committees must select and elect their deputies, hold them to account and be able to recall them at any time.Using the combined power of those who work, we must reorient the economy from being geared to maximise capitalist profits, to becoming geared to fulfil the rising material and cultural needs of the working population.

Bourgeois economists argue that it is not possible for the state to guarantee jobs, food, education, health and other essential needs for all members of society as a matter of right.The truth is that it is perfectly possible but what stands in the way is the capitalist orientation of the economy, the domination of the monopoly houses over the state, and their greed for maximum profits. We must place our demands in front of whichever government exists, and fight for these as a matter of right.We must escalate the struggle until our just demands are fully met, which will happen when workers’ and peasants’ rule gets established.

Escalate the struggle in defence of our rights!

Fight for the aim of establishing a new political power and new economic orientation!

Comrade workers!

The working class is the most productive and potentially most powerful class in our society.Every person who makes a living by selling his or her labour power for a wage or salary is a member of the working class.Whether we work with a hammer or with a desktop computer, we are producing profits for the capitalist class.It is by exploiting our labour that the Tatas and Ambanis are growing richer by the day and buying properties in Britain and America.

It is we workers who produce the material wealth of our country along with the peasants and other toiling small producers.Wage and salary earners added up to 19 crore according to the 2001 census; assuming 2 workers per family of 5, this implies that working class families add up to nearly 50 crore or half the entire population.We who work in large-scale industry and services make up the most organised section of the toiling and exploited masses.If workers engaged in key sectors of large-scale industry and services went on strike at the same time, the entire profit making machinery of the capitalist class will grind to a halt.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India believes that the Indian working class has the capacity and the interest to lead all the oppressed in an anti-capitalist front to bring about a radical change in the political power and economic system in our country.It has the capacity and the interest to take over the means of production from the hands of the capitalists, convert it to social property and run it in the general interest of society.The key step towards achieving this goal is to forge the political unity of the working class around this program.

Let us act as one united political force with one common program!

Comrade workers!

Our strength lies in our unity and our class consciousness.When more than four lakh workers stormed the centre of New Delhi on 23rd February this year, the capitalist class was truly scared.The corporate media refused to show pictures of our massive demonstration.The ruling class wants to prevent people from getting inspired by the working class and rallying around us.

Our enemies want to prevent us from recognising our class identity and realising our own strength.The laws and regulations of the capitalist state divide us into workers and employees, regular and on contract, organised and unorganised sector workers, etc.The corporate media spreads the harmful notion that workers who are skilled and educated are middle class, that they are allegedly privileged and do not need unions or strikes.

The domination of trade unions by parliamentary parties is a factor for disunity in the working class.Such parties claim to defend our rights when they are in the opposition but change their tune when they are in power.They look upon us workers and our struggle as a means to advance their narrow party interest.We must not permit our movement to be diverted from its aim, to serve the parliamentary games of any party.

Let us strengthen our fighting unity and defeat all attempts to divide us!

Comrade workers!

A critical requirement for our unity is that no compromise must be permitted with the capitalist program of liberalisation and privatisation, including corporate land grab.We must oppose and isolate those who call on workers to support the capitalist program under one pretext or another.

When the Congress Party-led UPA government took office in 2004, the working class was misled by the CPI(M) and its parliamentary allies to support this government in the name of keeping the BJP out and implementing capitalist reforms with a ‘human face’.This line of class compromise blunted the consciousness of workers and weakened our struggle against the capitalist offensive.All workers must draw pertinent lessons from this experience.

In this class divided society there can only be two programs.One is the capitalist program aimed at expanding the space for reaping monopoly profits and making Indian capitalists a global big power.The other is the working class program to put an end to capitalism, make the toiling majority the rulers of the country and open the path to socialism and communism.There is no other program possible, no middle road between these two alternatives.

No compromise with the capitalist program!

Unite around the working class program!

Comrade workers!

Karl Marx taught the working class that we need our own institutions of state power in order to become the ruling class and take charge of society.We cannot rely on the institutions of capitalist democracy.We need organisations that would raise our political strength and collective consciousness.We need communist cells and workers’ councils in every sector and industrial area, in addition to unions that act as vehicles of revolutionary political consciousness.We workers need to be in the forefront of building and strengthening local committees where we live, to enable people to defend their rights, put forward their claims and become organs of their empowerment.

On the occasion of May Day,

Let us resolve to unite and escalate our struggle against the capitalist program!

Let us build the revolutionary united front of workers, peasants and progressive intelligentsia!

Let us prepare to become the masters of India!

Inquilab Zindabad! 

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