Letters to the editor

  1. Historic Initiative
  2. International Women’s Day
  3. Call to women to join the Party!

1. Historic Initiative


It filled me with great happiness and pride to read the report on the “Meeting to commemorate 25 years of a historic initiative: Onward with the struggle to vest sovereignty in the people!’ carried in the March 1-15, 2018 issue of MEL, to mark the rally that took place in Ferozeshah Kotla in Delhi. This rally took place at the time of the all-round assault by the bourgeoisie on the people of India which continues unabated until today. The meeting in 1993 took place to take stock of the bloodbath organized by the Congress and BJP on December 6, 2012 which was the watershed development marking the anti-social offensive.

The pledge that taken on that day included among other things the commitment to the struggle to free the people of India from want and suffering and to ensure that an India in which the people may enjoy peace and security and well-being.

That day is yet to come and as a result, our struggle continues until this day. I was pleased to read that Com. Prakash Rao gave a presentation on the significance of that day and the challenges of today. A round up of that period points out that a fascistic atmosphere was created by the political apparatus which took away the right to assembly.

It shows the maturity of our political party at the time of the collapse of the socialist camp. By being steadfast and loyal to the principles of class struggle and dialectical materialism and faith in the working class to bring about revolution, our party at that time and now, stands as the vanguard party of the working class and of revolution. For the many questions that faced the movement then and now are the modus operandi of the Indian ruling circles. It is evident to most that the environment of communalism and terror is the creation not of the people of India but of the bourgeoisie that uses this as a tool to divide any opposition to itself.

There is no ideological divide amongst the bourgeoisie. They put forward secular and communal parties to confuse the people of India. The question that arose then and arises now is that of what should be the response of communists and others interested in revolution and progress of society. The solution is to unite the people and keep reminding them of what is what. It must be constantly borne in mind that it is the capitalist that is the enemy and that the sovereign power must pass into the hands of the people. This was the unfulfilled dream of all our revolutionary forefathers and is also our dream today.

We must carry forward this struggle now as in the past.


S. K.Pillai

2. International Women’s Day

Dear Editor.

The statement of CGPI on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2018 was truly inspiring and provided a clear and forthright analysis of the state of the women’s movement and the need for women to lead the working class in the fight to transition from capitalism to socialism as the true road to women’s liberation. In present-day proclamations and popular discourse around women’s issues, the problem of women’s oppression is reduced to their so-called oppression by men. In reality, it is the oppressive capitalist system that is the cause for women’s subjugation and it is only by recognizing the true enemy and fighting against it shoulder to shoulder with men can women realize their true freedom as equals in society and liberate their sisters and mothers and daughters. The article has clearly brought out this important principle of revolution.

Another glaring farce that has been exposed in the article is the notion that reservation for women will further their development and provide them with representation and equal opportunity. The truth is that in this system of oppression of the large masses of people by a handful of capitalist monopoly houses, 100% power is ‘reserved’ for the capitalists themselves and 33% reservation of women in government or education or any other sphere will not change the fact that the system serves the capitalists (be they men or women) and not the large masses of people (be they men or women). The bludgeoning force of popular media and social media aims to confuse and distort this fundamental truth and divide working women and men along imaginary lines. The Party has correctly and stridently called for women to “unite to halt and reverse the anti-social program of globalisation, liberalisation and privatization” and to “unite to overthrow capitalism as the condition for the completion of the democratic, anti-colonial, anti-feudal and anti-imperialist struggle”!


3. Call to women to join the Party!

The Statement of the CC of the CGPI dated 1-3-2018 to commemorate the occasion of the International Women’s Day that is observed every year on March 8, which is entitled `Women must take the lead in transforming the State and the social system! Transition from capitalism to socialism is the road to women’s liberation!’. The statement has many important points which are noteworthy and may be summarized in bullet form as follows

  • that it is an occasion to show the combined strength of women and the WORKING CLASS (emphasis added),
  • to sum up, take stock and plan ahead to advance struggles of women’s liberation,
  • that women are in the forefront of growing struggles against the bourgeois offensive of liberalization and privatization on the world scale, and all its manifold features including attacks on national rights and imperialist encirclement on the world scale and against war,
  • that there is a growing demand for rights that belong to women by dint of being women, such as food, education, housing and security,
  • that they experience great hardship, insecurity and physical attacks on a daily basis thanks to the anarchy created by the rule of the capitalist class, and that there is now a growing demand to reverse these atrocious conditions,
  • that India remains one of the worst places for women in terms of death at childbirth, among other indicators,
  • that all political power is concentrated in the hands of a small political elite, and the conditions for women will only worsen until their rule comes to an end,
  • that accommodation of some women amongst the ranks of the exploiters will do nothing for the majority of women who are workers and tillers,
  • that change will come only when there is a revolutionary change and a new State comes into being led by the working people,
  • that the Interntional Women’s day which was born in Copenhagen in 1910 is a day on which all the principles above are reaffirmed.

I am delighted to note that the Statement calls on all women `…to join the CGPI and strengthen the leadership of the working class and the revolutionary movement for socialism and communism!’ and would like to second this call most heartily.


A. Narayan

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