US imperialism is the most ferocious enemy of humanity

ThumbnailSince the end of the Cold War, world imperialism, led by US imperialism, has launched the most ferocious offensive against the working class and people, against the freedom and independence of nations, against the peoples striving for revolution and social progress.

In the US and other capitalist countries, the ruling class has unleashed racism, targeting people on the basis of race, religion, and national origin to smash the united struggle of the working class and people. Imperialism has been attacking all the achievements of humankind in the twentieth century, trying to take the world back into medieval times.

Since the end of the Cold War, world imperialism, led by US imperialism, has launched the most ferocious offensive against the working class and people, against the freedom and independence of nations, against the peoples striving for revolution and social progress.

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In the US and other capitalist countries, the ruling class has unleashed racism, targeting people on the basis of race, religion, and national origin to smash the united struggle of the working class and people. Imperialism has been attacking all the achievements of humankind in the twentieth century, trying to take the world back into medieval times.

Throughout the world, the working class and peoples are rising up in powerful struggle against the increasingly unbearable conditions being imposed on them. The peoples are rising up against capitalist and imperialist exploitation and plunder, in defence of national sovereignty, and against imperialist and reactionary wars.

In this life and death struggle between imperialism and the working class and peoples, US imperialism is the leader of the camp of imperialism.

On September 8, 2018, US President Donald Trump declared in a speech that US must be paid by its allies for acting as the policeman of the world and “protecting them”. “… they got to pay us for this. We’re watching the whole world and they take it for granted. For years and years we’ve been protecting these countries. They’re making a fortune. They’ve had very little military cost. We have the biggest military cost in the world. Most of it goes to protecting outside countries, some of whom don’t even like us,” Trump said.

The US President’s speech is directed at the NATO member countries, Japan, and other US allies like Saudi Arabia and South Korea. According to the US President, its armed forces have been “protecting” these countries. The reality is that US forces in these countries defend the reactionary bourgeoisie of these countries from the threat of revolution. The armed forces of the US stationed in these countries are virtually occupation forces. They serve to keep these countries firmly in the camp of US imperialism. The armies of these countries work under US command, and are available for US military operations against other countries.

The Second World War and after

The imperialists had launched the Second World War with the aim of destroying the socialist Soviet Union, and re-dividing the world amongst themselves. However, the plans of the imperialists failed. The fascist forces of Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated as a result of the heroic struggle of the socialist Soviet Union and of the peoples led by communists in all the occupied countries. After the victory over fascism, new states of Peoples Democracies were set up in Europe and Asia. The socialist camp, with the Soviet Union at the head, was created.

The capitalist system came out of the Second World War in deep crisis. Germany, Japan and Italy were defeated powers, with their economies completely ruined. Britain and France were greatly weakened. The general crisis of capitalism was further deepened with the collapse of the colonial system. The liberation struggle against imperialism mounted in the colonies, and many new national states emerged. Many capitalist states were on the verge of revolutionary outbreaks.

In these conditions, US imperialism took up the mantle of leadership of the capitalist world. It assisted the recovery of European and Japanese capitalism through the Marshall Plan. In place of the collapsed colonial system, it set up the neo-colonial system of exploitation and plunder. It put into motion its plan to defend the capitalist order from the threat of revolution, destroy socialism in the Soviet Union and the countries of Peoples’ Democracies and establish its domination over the whole world.

The US imperialists used a two pronged approach to achieve these aims.

One was open military aggression. They set up aggressive military blocs like NATO, built powerful naval fleets which they deployed throughout the seas and oceans and set up military bases in many countries. US forces crushed the revolutionary struggle of the people of Greece and established a brutal military dictatorship in that country which lasted for decades. The US waged a brutal war against the Vietnamese people, in which millions were slaughtered, until they were finally defeated by the heroic people of Vietnam. To crush the Korean peoples struggle for national liberation, prevent social revolution in Japan and threaten China, US forces have remained stationed in Japan and South Korea for over seven decades.

The second was of ideological aggression and subversion of the socialist countries and the communist parties, to bring about their degeneration. The transformation of the Soviet Union from a socialist country to a social imperialist country colluding and competing with US imperialism for world domination, was a major victory for world imperialism. During the Cold War, the two super powers colluded to destroy the struggle for socialism and national liberation.

The disintegration of the Soviet Union ushered in a new period of retreat of revolution. US imperialism and the reactionary bourgeoisie world over launched the most ferocious attack on communism. They claimed that it was the “end of communism”. However, the reactionary bourgeoisie headed by US imperialism remains terrified at the prospect of the proletariat and peoples rising up in revolution against the exploitative and oppressive order.

The present period

US imperialism has been relentlessly pursuing its objective of establishing its complete domination over the whole world, i.e. establishing a uni-polar world under its dictate. It has employed all the weapons in its armory — its immense economic power, its military might, its sponsorship of terrorism, accompanied by a ferocious ideological offensive against the working class and peoples.

In the service of this aim of world domination, US imperialism has been propagating the reactionary theory of “clash of civilisations”. According to this theory, the main struggle all over the world is not between exploiting and exploited classes, but between “civilized” Christians and “uncivilized” Islamic nations and peoples. The spectre of an Islamic global power is being created to deceive and terrorise the masses of people, to justify unjust wars, wrecking of nations, escalation of fascist repression and spreading of disinformation to advance its imperialist aims.

US imperialism has covertly sponsored terrorist groups the world over. The mayhem and violence unleashed by such groups has been used by the capitalist states to justify draconian laws increasing police powers, and escalated state terrorism, in the name of “war against terrorism”. US imperialism has deliberately linked these terrorist groups with the Islamic faith in order to justify targeting people of the Muslim faith all over the world, and justify the brutal wars unleashed against the peoples of West Asia and North Africa.

After the end of the Cold War, through the Paris Charter, US imperialism and its capitalist-imperialist allies demanded that all countries must adopt multi-party representative democracy and the “free market”. Any country which has refused to do so, which has dared to have its own economic and political system, has been branded as a “rouge state” and made a target for imperialist sponsored regime change.

Multi-party representative democracy is being increasingly exposed as nothing other than the brutal dictatorship of capitalist monopolies over the vast masses of people. The working class and people in many countries are rejecting this and fighting for a modern democracy wherein sovereignty would actually vest in the people.

In this situation, US imperialism has been covertly sponsoring “pro-democracy” and “anti-corruption” movements in different countries. The aim is to subvert the real struggle for renewal of democracy by the proletariat and peoples. The aim is also to put pressure on various regimes to toe the US line and to bring to power in these countries, regimes more closely aligned with US imperialism.

US imperialism is the biggest economic and military power on the planet. It spends on its armed forces more than all other countries of the world combined. Its armed forces are stationed all over the world. It has used its economic and military might to threaten and destroy many sovereign states.

Since the end of the Cold War, US led military intervention has led to the destruction of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The US has been carrying out a brutal war against Syria for several years. It has engineered numerous “colored revolutions” in countries around the world, unleashed civil wars, and carried out regime change to establish regimes that are closely aligned with itself. It has imposed inhuman economic blockade on various countries, including Cuba, North Korea and Iran. All this has been carried out in the name of “freedom and democracy”, “human rights”, “war against terrorism”, “punishing rogue states” etc.

In order to establish its domination over the markets and sources of raw materials of all countries, the US has demanded that all countries must open their markets to the imperialists. In the name of “free trade” and “breaking down trade barriers”, the US, at the head of the world imperialist camp, has pushed for greater privatization, liberalization and globalization, in all countries. It has sought to remove all barriers to the flow of finance capital in the form of investments as well as trade and commerce. The aim of US imperialism and its allies has been to maximize the exploitation and plunder of the working class and people of all countries, by opening up their economies for greater extraction of resources, greater investment of finance capital, dumping of cheaper consumer commodities. Through all these means, it has worked to ruin the economy of many other countries, destroyed their self-reliance and undermined their sovereign right to organize their resources in the best interests of their people.

Capitalist development in the period since end of the Cold War has resulted in the emergence of a number of powers which are all trying to carve out their own spheres of influence. The aggressive drive of US imperialism towards a unipolar world under its domination, is coming into contradiction with the strivings of Germany, Russia, China, Japan, India, Brazil and other states for a multi polar imperialist world. Inter imperialist contradictions over markets, sources of raw materials, and spheres of influence are sharpening. This poses the threat of the peoples of various countries getting engulfed in reactionary wars.

Establishing control over the world’s energy resources, particularly oil and natural gas, has been central to the US strategy for world domination. This is because Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan and India are all greatly dependent on import of oil and gas to run their economies. Wars of conquest, “colored revolutions”, the imposing of sanctions, have all been used against the oil and gas exporting countries in West Asia, North Africa, Central Asia and South America. The encirclement and destruction of Russia, a major oil and gas exporter, has also this aim.

The US is aggressively increasing its military might in the Asia-Pacific region. It is building a military alliance of Japan, Australia and India under its leadership to encircle China. For the US, its strategic military alliance with the Indian ruling class is an important component of its strategy to establish its complete domination over Asia. It has been working to integrate the armed forces of India and its intelligence agencies with those of the US. It has deliberately stoked up the conflict between India and Pakistan and incited the Indian ruling class to take a belligerent attitude towards China.

The ruling bourgeoisie in all the capitalist imperialist countries are ferociously attacking the rights of the working class and toiling masses, intensifying their exploitation. They collude and contend with US imperialism and other imperialist powers to advance their own interests. They have shown themselves willing to throw the banner of independence and national sovereignty into the mud. They are actively preparing to participate in the imperialist wars for redivision of the world.

Only the working class and people can save their countries from the disastrous course being pursued by their reactionary bourgeoisie and the imperialists. They can do so by organizing to take political power into their own hands, putting an end to the capitalist imperialist system which is spreading death and destruction everywhere. Led by their Communist party, the working class at the head of all the exploited and oppressed will give birth to the new world of socialism, a system without exploitation of human beings by human beings and of nations by nations, which is the condition for peace, prosperity and progress.


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