Letters to Editor: Elections in five states

Dear MEL Editor,

I read your analysis of the recent elections in five states with great interest. I understand that the voting pattern reveals to some extent the growing anger of people. At the same time, it is the ruling capitalist class which has used these elections to install governments of its choice.

It is indeed true that neither BJP nor Congress Party has any solution to the peasants’ problems or to the problem of widespread unemployment and under-employment. They are both committed to implement the agenda of the capitalist monopoly houses to enrich themselves as rapidly as possible, through the most ruthless exploitation of the working people and plunder of natural resources.

At a time when all debates on TV create the impression that there are only two sides in the electoral battle, headed by Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi, Communist Ghadar Party has boldly put forward the revolutionary alternative. That alternative is to establish workers’ and peasants’ rule and reorient the economy to fulfill human needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed.

One of the important points being made is that “the platform of demands around which massive all-India protest actions of workers and peasants have taken place forms an excellent starting point for developing the program for human-centered economic reorientation”. It means that the revolutionary alternative is not something dreamed up by a few intelligent persons. It has already emerged from the class struggle . It needs to be defended and further developed.

The fact that candidates with a track record of fighting for people’s rights won in some constituencies, with support from communists belonging to several different parties, is extremely encouraging news. It is a source of inspiration and confidence that it can and must be replicated in as many places as possible.

The conclusion drawn is very compelling. The way forward is indeed for “communists to unite and build a broad alliance of workers, peasants and progressive intelligentsia, around the program of empowering the people and reorienting the economy to fulfill human needs instead of fulfilling capitalist greed”.

Wishing all success to this all-important work,

Yours sincerely,

Tara Chand, Faridabad

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