US escalates pressure on Iran as Iran steps up its resistance

The US is continuing to escalate its military and economic pressure on Iran. The resolute defiance of the Iranian state and its people to these attacks and their courageous stand in defence of the interests of their country are being met with even more arrogant and war-mongering response of the US.

The US is continuing to escalate its military and economic pressure on Iran. The resolute defiance of the Iranian state and its people to these attacks and their courageous stand in defence of the interests of their country are being met with even more arrogant and war-mongering response of the US.

The US imperialists are carrying out a deafening propaganda campaign to portray Iran as a grave danger to peace in West Asia and the “chief sponsor of terrorism in the world”. Through this lying campaign, they are justifying their massive military presence in the region, their threats and sanctions against Iran and their attempts to impose regime change in Iran.

The US continues to bolster its huge military presence in the region. It has admitted that it has carried out cyber-attacks targeting Iran’s computer networks and its missile systems. In the past several weeks, the US imperialists, with the help of their allies in the region, Saudi Arabia and Israel, have staged many provocations against Iran.

On June 19, precisely at the time the Japanese Prime Minister was in Tehran, holding discussions with the Iranian leadership over the ongoing crisis, two tankers were damaged in in the Straits of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf. One of these was a Japanese tanker carrying oil to Japan. The US immediately declared that these tankers were damaged by limpet mines planted below the water by Iranian agents. However the US attempt to blame Iran for these attacks was exposed as a lie when the captain of the Japanese ship publicly stated that his ship was attacked from the air, and not from the sea. The Iranian authorities have vehemently opposed these claims of the US imperialists as lies and blamed the US and its allies for carrying out these attacks. In defence of the sovereign interests of Iran, they are preparing themselves militarily to counter the US threat of war, as well as giving a tit-for-tat response to the arrogance and false propaganda of the US authorities. They have declared their intention to further develop their nuclear program, since they are no longer bound by the terms of the 2015 JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), under which sanctions against Iran were lifted in exchange for limits on Iran’s nuclear program, and which the US unilaterally abrogated in May 2018.

On June 20, Iranian military commanders shot down an American spy drone which had violated Iranian air space, with a surface-to-air missile. They also announced that they had a nearby U.S. Air Force plane with 35 crew members within sight, but did not fire. Iran’s naval commander warned that their forces will not hesitate to strike down more U.S. drones that violate its airspace.

On June 24, US President Trump signed an executive order imposing “hard-hitting” sanctions on Iran, which would deny the top leadership and other officials of the Iranian state access to financial instruments within the US jurisdiction. These sanctions are in addition to several other sanctions the US has imposed over the past year, which are reported to have severely affected the economy of that country. These sanctions, which primarily prevent sale of Iranian oil to other countries, have been denounced by Iran as “economic terrorism”.

Following the downing ofn the US spy drone, the US President made a dramatic announcement that he had ordered an attack on Iranian targets in retaliation, but withdrew the order at the last moment. The US National Security Advisor John Bolton has however cautioned that this should not be interpreted as a “sign of weakness” on the part of the US. Meanwhile, Trump has said he is willing to talk to the Iranian leadership “if they stop sponsoring terrorism”, while at the same time threatening Iran with grave consequences if it did not agree to US demands. However, at the United Nations, Iran’s ambassador said talks with the U.S. were impossible in the face of escalating sanctions and intimidation.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently visited the Middle East and held talks on June 24 with leaders in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates where he outlined the US plan to build a broad, global anti Iran coalition that includes Asian and European countries. He also demanded that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other US allies must pay for the deployment of US forces in the Persian Gulf region.

The US is putting immense pressure on its allies, Germany, France and Britain, to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, and join it in isolating and destroying Iran. However, so far none of these countries have agreed to do so. Russia and China have openly condemned the US for withdrawing from the agreement and for imposing unjustified sanctions on Iran. Germany, Britain and France have cautioned against moves that can lead to conflict between the U.S. and Iran.

The above developments show that the US imperialists are relentlessly pursuing their aim of destroying Iran which they see as a roadblock to establishing their complete domination over the oil rich West Asia. They are brutally using their economic and military might as well their massive machinery of disinformation and false propaganda, to achieve this aim. However, the Iranian people are boldly defending their sovereignty, and exposing the lying propaganda of the US imperialists. The targeting of Iran by the US is part of the strategy of US imperialism to establish a uni polar world under its dictate. This is facing increasing resistance from the freedom and peace loving peoples all across the world. It is also being resisted by other powers, which are fighting for their own interests and increasingly refusing to submit to US dictate,

The repeated provocations by the US against Iran are rapidly increasing the danger of embroiling the entire region in war, posing a grave threat to the sovereignty of many nations and peoples.


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