Haryana State Assembly Elections:

Organise to defeat the anti-worker, anti-peasant, anti-social and anti-national program of the bourgeoisie!

Reject the candidates of the capitalist parties!

Elect candidates with a track record of fighting for the rights of people!

Call of the CC of the CGPI, October 5, 2019

Elections to the 90 member Haryana State Assembly will take place on October 21, 2019. The two main parties of the ruling class contesting these elections are the BJP and the Congress. In addition, several parties representing the capitalists and big landowners of Haryana including the Indian National Lok Dal and the Jannanayak Janata Party are also contesting these elections.

Many organisations which have fought consistently for the rights of the people are putting forth candidates to challenge the candidates of the capitalist parties. These include candidates of communist parties and groups, organisations like Jan Sangharsh Manch, Haryana, and trade union activists.

These elections are taking place in the backdrop of an extremely deep economic crisis. Unemployment has soared as production is stagnating or slowing down. Lakhs of workers in the auto sector, garment sector, and other sectors of the economy have been thrown out of their jobs. Haryana, being one of the main centers of the auto industry and the garment export industry, has been severely impacted by this crisis.

Just five months ago, Indian monopoly capitalists, in collaboration with the monopoly capitalists of the US, engineered the return of the BJP to power through the General Elections. BJP was brought to power to take all round measures to intensify the exploitation of the working class, the robbery of the peasantry, and the plunder of the natural resources of our country by the Indian and foreign monopolies.

The US imperialists played a key role to bring the BJP to power to consolidate the role of India as their ally in their worldwide anti-Islamic, anti-social and war mongering offensive to establish a unipolar world under their dictate.

In the past five months, the Central government has vigorously implemented the agenda set by the Indian and foreign monopolies.

It has opened up defence production, coal, and other strategic sectors to 100% FDI. It is further privatizing the Indian Railways by handing over the engine and coach factories, and the running of trains on select routes to private parties. It is amending labour laws to deprive workers of even their existing rights, including the right to form unions of their choice. It is opening up retail trade to foreign multinationals driving many more peasants and small businesses into ruin.

The Central government has carried out all round escalation of state terrorism and communal persecution. Dissent is being criminalized. People are being hounded for their views. Jingoistic propaganda and warmongering against Pakistan has been stepped up. State terrorism has reached an unprecedented level in Jammu & Kashmir, justified by labeling the Kashmiri people as “Islamic terrorists” and “Pakistani agents”. A countrywide propaganda campaign has been launched that “foreigners” are stealing our people’s jobs, land and other precious resources. People of the Muslim faith are the target of this dangerous campaign.

The Central government has been vigorously strengthening the Indo US strategic military alliance.

In sum, the Central government is vigorously implementing the anti-social and anti-national agenda of the capitalist monopolies and the foreign imperialists.

Haryana is a major industrial center for Indian and foreign capitalist monopolies. It is also a major food producing state. The capitalist monopolies of our country are pushing to bring to power a government in Haryana which is completely aligned with the Central Government in order to ensure that their anti-worker, anti-peasant, anti-social and anti-national agenda is implemented most efficiently.

The conditions of the vast majority of the people of Haryana are terrible.

The Haryana government has been in the forefront of passing anti-working class laws to ensure that capitalists can maximize their profits. Workers have been deprived of the right to form a union of their choice. Contract labour has become the norm. Capitalists have been allowed to hire and fire workers as they please, and can close companies at will. Roadways, electricity distribution, higher education, health care, agricultural services — every service in which capitalists can extract maximum profits is being privatised.

Haryana’s farmers, who feed the whole country, are unable to ensure security of livelihood for themselves. They have been agitating against forcible acquisition of their lands. They have been demanding that the government guarantee remunerative prices for all agricultural produce, and establish mechanisms to ensure their procurement at these prices. The government has turned a deaf ear to these just demands.

The Note ban and the introduction of GST have led to the destruction of a large number of small enterprises. Multinational e-trading companies have destroyed the livelihood of thousands of small traders and shopkeepers.

There is a huge disparity in the state between “developed” pockets on the one hand and residential bastis and villages totally lacking in basic amenities on the other hand; youth of workers and peasants pay exorbitant fees at private engineering, medical and other institutes with no guarantee of jobs; there are no public hospitals or health care services for the masses of people but land has been given to the biggest medical monopolies.

Massive and growing unemployment stares the youth. The desperation for a secure job can be seen from the fact that over 17 lakh youth appeared for the Group C exams for clerical jobs in the Haryana Government in September 2019. The number of jobs advertised was about 4,800,

The source of the problems facing the people is the capitalist system of exploitation and plunder and the political power that defends this system.  The economy is not oriented to fulfill the growing needs of the people. Instead, it is oriented to fulfill the insatiable greed of the capitalist class for maximum profits. The political power defends this orientation. It crushes the struggle of workers, peasants, and youth for their rights. Instead, it uses brutal force to uphold the so called right of Indian and foreign capitalists to exploit and oppress our people.

Thirty years of implementing the capitalist program of globalization through liberalization and privatization has resulted in accumulation of great wealth at one pole, and poverty at the other pole. The big capitalists and big landowners have acquired enormous wealth through the super-exploitation of workers and daylight robbery of peasants.

The creators of wealth, the workers and peasants have been squeezed so much that they do not have money to buy even the necessities of life.

This is the cause of the present deep economic crisis.

Alongside of capitalist exploitation, oppression of women, and caste discrimination and oppression are making life a living hell for the people.  The rate of female foeticide and the skewed sex ratio reflect the abysmal status of women in the state.

In these elections, the Congress and other bourgeois opposition parties are shedding crocodile tears about the plight of the people. However, all of them cover up the fact that the source of these problems is the capitalist system. They make out that the problem is with the ruling party and not with the system. The truth is that no matter which party forms the government in this system, it has to defend the interests of the capitalist class. The experience of the people has been that every party, when in power, has fiercely implemented the program of the capitalist class and attacked the rights of workers and peasants. Their track record shows that they are parties that represent the interests of the big capitalists of India and the capitalists and big landowners of Haryana. They try to fool the people by claiming to have different programs. In fact, they all implement the one program of the bourgeoisie.

The political power that exists in our country is a power that defends the rule of the bourgeoisie over the workers, peasants and vast masses of our people. The truth is that there is and can be only one program when political power is in the hands of the capitalist class. It is the program of the capitalist class, Indian and foreign. There will be another program when the working class takes political power in its own hands in alliance with the toiling peasantry. This is the program of the working class.

The system of representative democracy is a system that legitimizes the rule of the bourgeoisie over the people. Only that party or coalition is allowed to come to power which will loyally implement the program of the bourgeoisie. Elections are a tool in the hands of the bourgeoisie to resolve the contradictions within its ranks, and choose that party or coalition that is best capable of fooling the toiling masses at the moment.

In the course of resisting the attacks on their livelihood and rights, the working class needs to become a united organised political force, rallying the peasants and all other working people around the program for a fundamental change in society.  The united front of all the oppressed, led by the working class, must take political power in its hands and carry out the Navnirman of India.

Navnirman means to establish a new state based on a new constitution which will guarantee the inviolability of human rights. The system of multi-party representative democracy must be replaced with a modern democracy in which sovereignty vests in the people. Providing for all and constantly raising the living standards of the people must become the motive force of social production.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon the voters of Haryana to elect candidates to the state assembly who will expose and oppose the inhuman program of the capitalist class and work for the program that can ensure sukh and suraksha to the working people.

Onward with the struggle for the Navnirman of India!


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