Struggle against the blatant robbery by electricity companies in Rajasthan

On 14th October residents of the villages (Ramgarh, Narwana, Nethrana, Gogamedi, Bhadra, Rawatsar, Tibbi and Sangaria) in Nohar Tehsil in Hanumangarh district came together under the banner of the Upbhogta Sangarsh Samiti (Consumer Struggle Committee). They organized a camel rally and surrounded the Collector’s Office. Hundreds of residents from these villages participated in this rally.

Demo against electricity co loot

The rally covered many of the villages and tehsils and sub-tehsils in the region and culminated at the Collector’s Office at Nohar. A vigorous public meeting was held in front of the collector’s office. Hanuman Prasad Sharma, vice-President of the All India Council of Lok Raj Sangathan also addressed the gathering along with leaders of the Committee and expressed solidarity with the cause.

It should be noted that the Electricity Board has sent notices to the residents and demanded that they pay additional security amounts. The electricity in this region is distributed by a private discom which is imposing arbitrary amounts on the consumers.

Residents demanded to know why they are asked to pay exorbitant amounts for electricity when they have already spent a lot on ensuring the meters are installed. They said that they already pay the electricity company fixed fees, which is paid as per unit rate to the company. For example, if 200 units are used, the residents pay 400 rupees and if 400 units are used, they pay 800 rupees and so on. Residents are already anxious and burdened by the amounts they are paying due to fast running meters. By asking them to pay additional security amounts, the company is further intensifying the burden and pressure on them.

After the rally and public meeting, the office bearers of the Committee met to further discuss the plan of action. As an outcome of the meeting it was decided that the Committee would be responsible for ensuring that this struggle spreads across Rajasthan. Further the payments for the electricity bills sent by the company in the Nohar region would not be made by the residents and no one will be allowed to take the meter readings in the area.

Residents have demanded that:

  • The Board should immediately scrap the notice on the security amount (additional security amount)
  • The amount being collected in the form of fixed service fees should be immediately stopped
  • 200 units of electricity be provided free to each household
  • Severe discrepancies in electricity bills should be immediately corrected
  • Damaged and fast running meters to be replaced immediately.

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