New Year message from Comrade Lal Singh

Revolutionary Greetings to all!

Today, as we enter the new year, we must reflect on the present situation and what needs to be done to ensure a bright future for the people of our dear country.

The last decade, and especially the year that we are leaving behind, has revealed the deep all sided crisis that the world capitalist-imperialist system has sunk into. The ruling class of our country has become ever more ferocious in its attacks on the people. It is desperately trying to preserve its rule and intensifying the exploitation of the workers, peasants and other working people.

The situation holds grave dangers for our people. As the working class and people’s struggles mount, the ruling class and its state are trying to smash our unity. The passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act and decision to create a National Register of Citizens are aimed at dividing our people on the basis of religion.  But crores of our people have poured out onto the streets, for days on end and in every part of the country, to defy this dastardly move. People have done so, braving the savage repression unleashed by the state. Through our bold actions, we have asserted that India belongs to all our people.


Our people have always aspired for a society where there will be real freedom for our workers, peasants and working people.  We have aspired for a society in which people are guaranteed food, housing, education, healthcare, employment and all that is necessary for a dignified life — where they can contribute to the collective good of society. This aspiration has not yet been fulfilled.

Our rulers claim that there is democracy in our country. The democracy that exists in India today ensures that decision making power is in the hands of a tiny minority of the biggest capitalist monopolies. Workers and peasants have no say in decision making. It does not matter which party comes to power through elections in this democracy, the capitalist class remains the ruling class. It continues to exercise its dictatorship over the working class and people.

We want a democracy in which people have decision making power and use this power to ensure prosperity and security for all. We want proletarian democracy. To ensure this, workers and peasants must take political power into their hands from the hands of the capitalist class. The means of production must be in the hands of workers and peasants. Then and only then can we ensure prosperity and security for all.

The imperialists and the Indian ruling class are haunted by the spectre of communism. They are trying with all their might to prop up their dying capitalist system. They will do anything to stop the people from taking up the path of revolution and socialism.  The Anglo-American imperialists and the Indian ruling class are preparing for war in this region.


We have just entered the 40th year of the founding of our party. Throughout these years, we have stood steadfast in our aim of replacing this entire system of the rule of the capitalist class with a system where the working class will rule in alliance with the toiling peasantry. We have been working to forge the political unity of the working class and broad masses of people around a program for lifting society out of  crisis — the program of Navnirman. Our strategic aim is the building of a socialist society through the revolution.

An important task before us is to defeat the line in the communist movement which creates illusions about the existing state of the bourgeoisie and its democracy and diverts the workers and peasants from the path of revolution. Unless this is done, revolution will mark time and Indian society will lurch from one crisis to another.

We must devote all our energies to strengthening our party. This means strengthening the basic organisations of the party, showing respect to each other in word and deed, assisting each other in overcoming weaknesses, building on each other’s strengths and rejoicing over our collective victories. We must continue to raise the consciousness of every member of the party. We must pay conscious attention to our health so that both physically and mentally, we are able to fulfil the tasks facing the party.

Revolution remains an unfinished task. Therefore, dear comrades, it is our responsibility to fulfil this unfinished task.

Comrades, I reach out to each one of you with warm revolutionary greetings and wish you and your families good health and many more successes in the New Year.

Long live our party!
Let us prepare even more vigorously for the coming revolutionary storms!
Glory to Marxism-Leninsm!

Lal Singh
General Secretary,
Communist Ghadar Party of India


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