Condemn the state organized reign of terror in Delhi

Statement of Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India,
26th February 2020

Since February 24, gangs armed with petrol, pistols, lathis, swords, stones, and other weapons, have been on a rampage in North East Delhi District unleashing violence and anarchy.

Against delhi violence

They have attacked and desecrated mosques and tombs. They have targeted homes, properties and businesses of people, indulging in widespread burning and looting.

What is going on is clearly a reign of terror against the people, unleashed by the state. The aim of the state is to smash the unity of the people of different religious faiths, built during the course of years of struggle for rights. It is aimed at smashing the united struggle of people against the CAA, NRC and NPR, in which women and men of all communities have stood together.

Thus, on February 23, a peaceful protest of people against the CAA and NRC taking place on the road under the Jaffarabad Metro Station was targetted for attack. The police stood by while the attackers threw stones at the protestors, most of whom were women, injuring many. On the same day, a well-known BJP leader issued a provocative statement threatening violence, which went viral on social media. In this message, he gave an ultimatum to the Delhi Police to forcibly evict protestors who were demanding the repeal of the CAA from wherever they were sitting on dharna immediately.

On the very next day, large scale communal violence targeted at people of the Muslim community was unleashed. People in many affected colonies have pointed out that the murderous communal gangs were outsiders to their areas who brazenly went about looting and burning. Journalists who were covering the violence were ruthlessly attacked. The police forces were under order not to take any action against these criminals or to protect the victims. Faced with such a terrible situation, with their families, homes and businesses being ruthlessly targeted, people have organised to defend themselves. Many heroic stories of people uniting to defend each other, cutting across religious barriers, are coming to light. In many places, people have got together to resist the criminal and communal gangs and fight back. Gurudwaras have kept their doors open to victims of violence. Doctors and other medical personal have risked their lives to help victims.

At least 27 people have been reported killed, and hundreds injured, many grievously, in the course of this violence. Grievously injured people are stranded in their homes or in small neighborhood clinics, with their families unable to take them to a government hospital for fear of being lynched by murderous mobs.

What has been going on in Delhi is nothing but brutal state terrorism targeted at the people, particularly the Muslim community.

The Communist Ghadar Party of India rejects the lying propaganda of the state, carried through the monopoly controlled media, according to which what is going is a “communal riot” between two religious communities.

What is going on is not a communal riot between two communities. People of the Hindu and Muslim faiths are not fighting each other. Far from this, people of all religious communities have been unitedly demanding that the state must not discriminate against anyone on the basis of their religion. People of all faiths have stood steadfastly with each other in these terrible moments.

The CGPI calls on the people of Delhi to defeat the attempts of the state to divide us and disrupt our struggle for rights.


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