Solidarity with the victims of violence in Delhi

People of Hindu faith in Pakistan cancel Holi celebrations

People of the Hindu community in Pakistan organized a protest on 8th March 2020, in solidarity with the victims of state organized attacks in Delhi last month. They announced that they would celebrate this year’s Holi festival on 10th March, with sobriety as a message of protest against the violence perpetrated on their Muslim brethren in India.

The Hindu community in Pakistan makes up about two percent of the country’s population of 210 million people and the majority lives in southern Sindh province. Holi, the annual festival of colour, heralding the onset of spring, is normally celebrated by this community with great zeal in Karachi.

“Our Muslim brothers were being oppressed and killed and their property was damaged in Delhi. It has really hurt us and prompted us to march today,” one of the organizers of the march told media persons and added: “The festival of Holi will be celebrated but to fulfil religious obligations only– without all the colors and merry-making. Our Muslim brothers have never been a hurdle to our festival, instead they’ve always protected us,” they said. “They celebrate it with us.”

Community members said they have suspended all major events usually associated with the festival. “We have canceled our main events of throwing colors, playing music and showing happiness,” the organisers said.

The Hindu community in Pakistan expressed its support for the struggle of the Indian people against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 (CAA). Their spokespersons strongly criticized the Indian government for trying to crush the protests “by resorting to the worst form of violence”.


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