Salaries not paid to MCD staff

Salaries have not been paid for several months to the staff of Delhi’s Municipal Corporation. Those who have not received their salaries since January this year are doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, sanitation workers, para-medical staff, engineering staff and teachers among others.

Till 7th May 2020, nearly 58,000 employees and 24,000 pensioners of the North Delhi MCD alone had not received their salaries and pensions since January this year. Only safai karamcharis were paid in February but even they have not received their salaries since.

Every section of these workers, including teachers and engineering staff, have been on one or another Covid-19 related duty during this period. They have been working round-the-clock to ensure others remain secure during the epidemic, without having received their pay, let alone incentive.

The Sanitation Workers’ Union and the MCD teachers association have demanded that the Delhi government resolves the issue at the earliest.

This is not the first time that MCD workers have been denied their right to wages. In June 2015, again in May 2017 and in May 2019 the workers had not been paid salary for two-three months at a stretch. It was only after agitations and strikes that the matter was resolved each time, but still it recurs every year. And each time this happens, the political party that is governing the MCD and the political party in government at the state of Delhi exchange blame games.

Sanitation workers and teachers perform essential services for society. This very fact is used by the government to put enormous pressure on them not to resort to strikes and other actions to highlight their problems. It is not acceptable that these workers are denied their salaries no matter what the pretext. The MCD and Delhi government should stop blaming each other and sit together to resolve this problem immediately.


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