From our readers: In support of the protest


I am writing in response to the article entitled `Central Trade Unions to Fight Back Attempts of Draconian Changes in Labour Laws’ carried in the June 1-15, 2020 section of the MEL.  I am delighted to know that there will be a nationwide protest on 22nd May 2020 and that there has been a joint press statement by the Central Trade Unions dated 15th May 2020.  I would like to summarize the grim situation as follows:

  • that the joint platform of Central Trade Unions took note of the critical situation during the Lock down period,
  • that they have decided to enhance united actions
  • that under the umbrella of the Covid-19 panic the rights of the working class and common people have been attacked,
  • that the Government does not appear to care at all at the situation of workers not being paid during the period,
  • that the people are being pushed into slavery, using autocratic means,
  • various state governments have brought in ordinances and have abrogated laws protecting workers,
  • the above paving the path to brutal exploitation of workers across the country,
  • that profiteering will continue using the blood and sweat of workers during slow down, and women and children will be the worst sufferers,
  • that the Indian working class is being pushed back into British era,
  • that there is an urgent need to mount a united struggle,
  • that the struggle has already started,
  • and that action has been planned and a slate of demands has been drawn up.

I congratulate the Joint Platform of Unions and Federations on their initiatives and wish them great success.



A. Narayan


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