US vetoes UN Security Council resolutions:

US once more reveals its reactionary warmongering nature

Following the failed US imperialist plot to invade Venezuela and to capture or assassinate its President Nicolas Maduro in early May, a special meeting of the United Nations Security Council was convened on May 20th to discuss this blatant attack on Venezuela’s sovereignty.  Venezuela’s Permanent Representative to the UN placed clear facts and arguments before the assembly to show how the outrageous plot was in violation of several resolutions of the UNSC and deserved to be condemned as such.  The representative of the Russian Federation tabled a resolution calling for condemnation of the “use of force… terrorism in all its forms and manifestations… [and] the use of mercenaries.”  Even though the US denied involvement in the attempted coup in Venezuela, and even though the resolution was limited to a general condemnation of aggression against member states of the UN, the resolution was killed by the US using its veto power.

Turning truth on its head, the US representative said that it was Russia and Cuba which are violating Venezuela’s sovereignty by having agreements of military cooperation with the elected government led by Nicolas Maduro!  Various other members participating in the meeting, including the representatives of Vietnam, Indonesia and South Africa, voiced their opposition to interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states.

Earlier, on 10 May, the US regime had vetoed another resolution in the Security Council, which had called for a “global ceasefire” during the crisis facing humanity at this time in the form of the coronavirus pandemic.  The resolution was intended to ensure that people living in areas that are currently embroiled in armed conflict get a chance to access much needed medical equipment and drugs. It would also help to ease the situation in the numerous refugee camps where people displaced by the fighting are crowded together at great risk to their health and lives. The ceasefire was meant to apply equally to all parties involved in such conflicts.  This resolution if implemented, would have provided enormous relief to millions of people. But it was killed by the US representatives in the Security Council before it even got to a vote.

The US imperialists have shown their utter disdain for the UN and associated international bodies like the World Health Organisation, and for treaties aimed at reducing the threat of nuclear warfare or the threats to the global environment. These are not the arbitrary actions of one man, Trump, but reflect the utterly reactionary and warmongering nature of US imperialism.  Today US imperialism is facing stiff opposition all over the world, calling for an end to wars of aggression, to violations of nations’ sovereignty, and for peace and the equality of nations. In this situation, the US imperialists are digging in their heels, refusing to tone down their aggression even in conditions of global crisis, and hitting out even harder at all their adversaries.  Only consistent and united opposition to its warmongering by the governments and peoples who stand for peace and justice can stay the hands of these aggressors.

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