From our readers: Resolutely Oppose US interference

I am writing to thank you for the important article entitled “US President Trump offers to “mediate” between India and China: Resolutely oppose US interference” in the June 1-15, 2020 issue of MEL available on the Party web-site.  I am writing to join you in this opposition.  Every right minded person should oppose any kind of interference by the Imperialist US Chieftain who wishes to fish in trouble waters to advance the aims of US Imperialism.

The article points out some very important features that are necessary for us to understand so as to avoid becoming victims of either imperialist propaganda and/or Indian nationalistic and chauvinistic propaganda. Against the backdrop of the Covid virus crisis, there is a worldwide hysterical campaign against China and India is being willy-nilly dragged into the clash between the US and China.

It may be noted that most of the border disputes between India and her neighbours are a remnant of the colonial legacy.  The McMahon Line that was the border between India and China was not based on accurate maps and has been disputed by both sides.  Similarly, under the dictate of the British the Maharaja of Kashmir declared territory that was in China as belonging to Kashmir.  There are several instances where both India and China claim land.  The war of 1962 was a result of these disputes, and yet there have been nearly 6 decades of no war as a result of mutual understanding.  The situation has been worsened because of US interests in the region and its provocation against China which has led to movement of China towards the borders and construction of roads for military transport, indeed as there has been construction by India of roads for the same purpose.  The situation is, of course, volatile and a war between the two countries will not benefit anyone.

The offer of mediation by Mr. Donald Trump cannot possibly bode well for either India or China because these countries are only pawns in their imperial chess game.  Similarly in the past the US has tried to interfere in the disputes between India and Pakistan, the creation of which anyway was a ploy of Anglo-American imperialism to encircle the Soviet Union and to ensure that India would never be strong.

Given all the above, the people of India should keep in mind that all disputes should be settled through talks and not through `mediation’ by the global policeman.  I join you in the call to resolutely oppose US interference.


A. Narayan


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