Brutal killing of African American in USA

Protests spread across the US, Europe and Asia

Following the brutal killing of an African American by the police in Minneapolis, USA, widespread protests have been continuing since the last week of May in Minneapolis and other cities of the USA. Protests have been reported in over 150 cities of the US in the first week of June, including New York, Albuquerque, Denver, Chicago, Louisville, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

Protesters rally on Foley Square of lower Mahattan in New York,
Protesters rally on Foley Square of lower Mahattan in New York, the United States

Massive protest actions were also organised in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Miami and several other towns of Florida, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Santa Monica, Seattle, Washington DC among others.

The protests have been marked by a huge solidarity among all sections of the American people, cutting across colour, race and origin. In particular, coming right after the coronavirus lockdown, which has forced millions of Americans out of work and severely affected the African American and other minority communities, the anger against the system pent up in the youth has burst out on to the streets.

In many cities, police in riot gear have fired tear gas, mace and rubber bullets on demonstrators defying night-time curfews. National Guard troops have been unleashed to brutally attack protestors in several states across USA.

Organisers of the protests in several places have accused the police and authorities of planting agent provocateurs and criminal elements among the peaceful protestors in an effort to discredit them. These elements have indulged in arson, looting and wanton destruction of property. This has been used by the police and authorities to justify further violence against the protesting people. In many cases people have come together to throw out the provocateurs and prevent them from looting and vandalising.

US President Trump has slandered the protestors and called for them to be shot. He has personally threatened ruthless violence against demonstrators who were protesting peacefully outside the White House. He has urged the state Governors and city Mayors to be merciless against the protesting people. He has threatened to use the military for this. Police have been ordered to deal with the protestors brutally. However, the sheer numbers of demonstrators running into tens of thousands in each case has caught them unawares.

Hundreds of people have been injured by the police and thousands have been arrested all over the country for taking part in protests. There are also many reports of ordinary people offering shelter and protecting demonstrators who were being hounded by the police and being attacked with tear gas and pepper spray. They sheltered the people being chased by the police even in their own homes, risking the wrath of the authorities.

Auckland New Zealand Bloomington_Indiana
Auckland New Zealand Bloomington Indiana
Berlin Boston
Berlin Boston
Columbus Ohio police officers joining protests june 1 2020 Demonstration_Toky0_May_31_2020
Columbus Ohio police officers joining protests Tokyo
Florida Frenso, CA
Florida Frenso, CA
Halifax_01_06_2020 Halifax_Canada
Halifax Canada Halifax Canada
london-Trafalgar mail
London Trafalgar America

The massive scale of the protests across US has forced many city mayors as well as police personnel to speak out against the police brutality and racist attacks. Some of them have joined the protests and carried banners proclaiming their solidarity. Some police personnel from New York to Los Angeles to Houston have been kneeling with the protestors in solidarity– following a form of protest that was popularised in the US a few years ago, against police violence on black people.

People are coming out in large numbers in many countries of the world, demanding an end to police brutality, racism and justice for victims of racism and police attacks.

Protests have been reported from several cities of Europe and Asia, such as Auckland, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan and Tokyo.

Protests were held in Halifax and other cities of Canada on June 1. The Mayor of Halifax also took part in the protests on spring Garden Road in which thousands of people participated. On Sunday, May 31, thousands of people gathered in Montreal for a protest to denounce racist violence and police impunity — both in the U.S. and in their own country.

Hundreds of people kneeled in protest at the Trafalgar Square in London on May 30 and chanted slogans denouncing the police brutality and demanding justice. They then marched past the Houses of Parliament and went up to the US Embassy. Another protest was also held in the Peckham area of London the same day. A huge protest march was organised through the streets of Manchester too. Protestors demanded justice for the murdered man and the African American people of the USA. They also denounced the blatant racism and racist attacks of the British state authorities.

Over 2,000 people gathered for a demonstration outside the US Embassy in Berlin on May 31. They demanded justice for the victim of the brutal police killing and asserted that “black lives matter” and reiterated that there could not be any peace without justice. Likewise, protests were also organised in Copenhagen, Madrid, Milan and other European cities.

A big demonstration was organised in Tokyo against racist police violence. The protestors not only demanded justice for the man murdered by the police in Minneapolis, but also the violent arrest and beating in broad daylight of a Kurdish man living in Tokyo. They demonstrated outside the Shibuya police station in Tokyo carrying posters and shouting slogans against police brutality. Protests were also reported from Auckland, New Zealand and elsewhere.

The struggle of the American working class and people against state terrorism including state sponsored racist violence enjoys the support of the working class and people of India and of all other countries.


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