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Protests against anti-working class policies and laws
Ambika Pur

Hundreds of Chhattisgarh state government employees of ‘grade 3’ category held protest actions on June 4, against the anti-working policies of the central and state governments and the anti-working class laws that are being pushed through at this time. Protests were held at several district headquarters of Ambikapur sub-division including Sarguza, Surajpur, Balrampur, Koriya, Jashpur and other places. The workers protested at their workplaces, schools and homes, holding up posters of their demands.

A memorandum of the workers’ demands addressed to the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister was submitted to the collector at Sarguza, Ambikapur.

The workers have declared that if the state government does not withdraw the anti-working class orders, they will protest at their workplaces wearing black bands, starting June 10. And if their demands are still not met, they will observe July 1 as Black Day.

The workers’ demands include immediate withdrawal of the pro-capitalist and anti-workers legislations and orders, ending of freeze on new appointments , revocation of the NPS and restoration to the old pension scheme, no to stoppage of DA payment, availability of complete PPE and other protective gear for the medical workers and other service providers in the Covid-19 lockdown, etc. They are also demanding that since there is a freeze on increments to their salaries, all previous arrears and dues from the government should be cleared.

Physical Training Instructors oppose threat to their jobs

Teachers and workers organized under the banner of Haryana Karmachari Sangh protested on June 4, at the Deputy Commissioner’s office at Panchkula. They were protesting against the Haryana government’s order to scrap the posts of about 1983 physical training instructors (PTIs), who had earlier been appointed under the Hooda government, but whose appointments have since been cancelled by the Supreme Court. They submitted to the tehsildar a memorandum of their demands, addressed to the Prime minister and the Chief Minister.

Contract workers of the state health department, who are also facing the threat of retrenchment, joined the protest.

Following the Supreme Court orders, the Haryana government has announced that the posts of the PTIs are going to be scrapped forthwith. Many of these are people who have been working as PTIs for more than 10 years.

Earlier, on May 29, the Haryana School Teachers Association had observed ‘black day protests’ at the offices of the elementary education authorities, demanding immediate withdrawal of the order scrapping the PTIs’ posts.

AIIMS Nurses union continues protest

Nurses at AIIMS Delhi are protesting since June 1, against the danger of skin rashes and infections from the use of PPE, as well as for reduction of duty hours. The AIIMS Nurses union is leading the struggle.

At least 47 nurses and more than 329 employees at AIIMS Delhi have tested positive for corona virus.

The protesting nurses have pointed out that wearing PPE kits and working for long hours was causing serious health problems, such as skin infections, etc. They have demanded that the duration of the working shift be limited to four hours.

The nurses have highlighted these demands in a letter to the director of AIIMS Delhi. They have also demanded rotation of duties between Covid-19 and non Covid-19 wards.

The nurses are determined to continue their struggle till their demands are met.

Jobless workers demand ration
Food Suplay

Dehati Mazdoor Sabha organized rural workers at the Sarai Road, Valmiki Chowk in Jadiala Guru Amritsar, Punjab on June 5, to protest at the office of the Food and Civil Supplies of the state government, demanding food rations. The workers protested by taking off their shirts.

Protestors pointed out that during the past two and half months of corona virus lockdown, many factories and enterprises have closed down, rendering large numbers of workers unemployed. Workers are struggling to make two ends meet. They have demanded that those whose names have been deleted from the ration lists should be included back again. They have threatened to protest indefinitely unless this is done.

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