From our readers: Relentless protests against US State organized racist killing

The article on George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing protests across the United States and the world titled “Brutal killing of African American in USA” highlights the importance of people’s unity against oppression. Racism in the United States is far from eliminated and instead it is kept alive even in the 21st century as a means to divide the people. Black people suffer daily discrimination and pain in a thousand different ways since they are born and live in constant fear of arbitrarily being murdered by the state simply for the colour of their skin.

The current economic system of capitalism and imperialism in the United States thus keeps racist discrimination alive to create divisions among people based on skin colour. The most heartening aspect of the protests has been that people have firmly rejected division and come out in their millions and in deep solidarity against racism and police brutality. The new call of the movement in the US of “defunding the police” is also very progressive and shows an increasing consciousness among the people of the real motive for the State’s organs of the police, army etc. which is not to maintain law and order but to terrorise and subjugate the people and quench any protests.

Similarly in India, discrimination is fomented against Muslims on the basis of their religion and they are routinely branded as “terrorists”, “fundamentalists”, “jehadis” etc. and falsely accused of many crimes to keep people divided. Our colonial hangover also means that Indians are systemically taught to be racist against Blacks and people from the North-east, Asian countries etc. while still harbouring slavish and servile attitudes towards any form of white skin and yearning for fairer skin themselves! All these forms of racism and discrimination are part of the “divide-and-rule” toolbox of the states across capitalist countries and have been used for centuries. When one discriminatory tool fails, the state uses another and they routinely use several of them. We must unite to end this oppression and murder of the people by the state. We stand in solidarity with the people of the United States for spiritedly, unitedly and relentlessly carrying out the fight against oppression and killing of Black people!

Anita, Delhi

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