About Us

“Not an electoral machine but an instrument for the empowerment of the working class and all the oppressed”


Founded on December 25, 1980, the Communist Ghadar Party of India (CGPI) is an organised detachment of communists who have devoted their lives to the liberation of India and to the emancipation of labour on the world scale.

The doors of the CGPI are open to all those who wish to make revolution the mission of their lives —who agree to implement the program, work in one of the Party organisations and pay monthly dues.

The CGPI is committed to the restoration of unity of all Indian communists.

The CGPI works to unite all communists, irrespective of party affiliations, in the course of providing leadership to the class struggle and preparing the subjective conditions for ending all exploitation of persons by persons, for the victory of revolution and communism on Indian soil.

The CGPI opposes all forms of conciliation with social-democracy and the idea of a “middle road” between capitalism and socialism.

The CGPI opposes all illusion mongering about the State the Indian Union, which is neither democratic nor secular but the bulwark of the colonial legacy, an instrument of capitalist-feudal exploitation and imperialist plunder.

The CGPI opposes those who justify state terrorism in the name of defending “national unity and territorial integrity”.

The CGPI does not seek political power for itself. It is organised around the aim of securing power in the hands of the working class and all the oppressed.

The entire membership sets the line and tasks of the Party, at the Congress, which is the highest body. The Congress elects the Central Committee to implement the line and carry out the tasks set, until the next Congress is convened.

The foundation of the CGPI lies in its basic organisations in the factories, work places, mohallas, chawls, villages and college campuses — the basic organs of class struggle.

Party organisations provide leadership at all levels. The party’s work is carried out on the basis of the principle of collective decision making and individual responsibility.

The CGPI is committed to the development of Indian revolutionary theory, a theory emerging out of the conditions of India and suited to the development of communism here. It invites all communists and enlightened minds to contribute to this work of theory, by basing themselves on the rich Indian thought material and summing up the experience of the working class movement, starting from the present.

The work of CGPI is based on the theoretical thinking of Marxism-Leninism and guided by contemporary Marxist-Leninist thought. Contemporary Marxist-Leninist thought is the summation, taken in general form, of the experience of the application of Marxism-Leninism to the conditions of socialist revolution and socialist construction, to the struggle against modern revisionism and capitalist restoration, against fascism, militarism, imperialism and medievalism. It is not the final form of Marxism-Leninism under the present conditions but its continuation and enrichment.

The CGPI calls on all communists and progressive forces, all those who are opposed to the status quo and desire deep going transformations, to take up the immediate program for the reorientation of the economy, empowerment of the people and the democratic renewal of India.

Come all who are concerned about the fate of our people, our ancient civilisation! Let us raise the banner of liberation, of deep going transformations! Let us build the revolutionary united front around this fighting program!

Revolution is our right and duty. To fight for the democratic renewal of India is the immediate task. Let us unitedly take up this task so that the crisis can be ended and the door opened for the progress of society!


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