David Cameron’s visit to India

Strengthening relations between the Indian and British bourgeoisie

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to India between February 18-20, 2013 was accompanied with much media hype about “renewing an old relationship”, India’s “incredible growth” and “shared values”.

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Condemn the cowardly hanging of Mohammed Afzal Guru!

On the morning of 9 February, under the cover of utmost secrecy, the Indian state hanged Mohammed Afzal Guru and buried him inside Tihar Jail in Delhi.  His family and the rest of the country came to know only after the fact.  The execution of Afzal Guru was a shameless and cowardly act that cannot be justified in the name of law and justice.  On the contrary, the evidence shows

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Ferozshah Kotla Rally, 22 February 1993, Mazdoor Ekta Committee

On the 20th anniversary of the historic Ferozeshah Kotla Rally that called for fundamental change in the political system!

On 22nd February, 1993, the opening day of the budget session of Parliament 20 years ago, organisations of workers, women and human rights activists jointly staged a bold protest rally at Ferozeshah Kotla, condemning the criminal deeds of the principal parties in Parliament.  They appealed to all men and women of conscience to take joint action for bringing about a fund

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