BSNL workers plan strike action

It is a fact that in the whole period of privatization of Telecom services, the government deliberately ensured that the private players captured the major profitable sectors in the metros and other towns, while BSNL services were downgraded in precisely these areas. So we have the situation that in the countryside, in the hills, in the remote areas of our country, it is BSNL services that work, while in the big cities, the BSNL services are kept at inadequate levels to favour the private players. The government and management have ensured that private players can access BSNL networks without compensating it for the same.

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Lessons from 1984 massacre of Sikhs

Dear Sir,

I thank the CGPI for so succinctly bringing out important lessons from the gruesome massacre of Sikhs in 1984.

Here I would like to bring out how the state and its apologists have been trying to confuse and put the blame on the people, while absolving those guilty of such massacres.

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