Vigorous election campaign by People’s Candidate in Tamil Nadu

Unlike the candidates of bourgeois parties who were given a ticket by their party high commands, Com Wilson was selected by the people ‘s committees of Buthan Sandhai, Semgangkalai, Kadaiyalu Moodu, Kunjaluvelai, Paulkuzhi, Mukkutukal, Idikodu, Arumani and Vellangkodu, Devi codu, Northang Kalai, Mangkodu, Karodu, PaluKuzhi, KunjaluVillai, Mela Theru, Kulichal, Marapadi and Arumanai and other areas in the constituency.

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On the occasion of the 141st birth anniversary of VI Lenin

Fight for the victory of the proletarian revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat!

The history of the working class movement of our country has confirmed that revision of the fundamental teachings and conclusions of Marxism Leninism, as well as its dogmatic rendering, have caused harm to the cause of the revolution and communism. Refusal to develop Indian revolutionary theory, thereby falling victim to the Eurocentric outlook that everything from our past is feudal and reactionary, has been a disease afflicting the communist movement in our country, which our Party has diagnosed and is working to overcome.

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Prakash Rao speaking at the Public Consultation on creating institutions under people control

Call for a fundamental change in the system

Prakash Rao speaking at the Public Consultation on creating institutions under people controlIn a hard-hitting speech, Prakash Rao drew the attention of the audience to the manifold ills that have plagued the system of representative democracy in place in our country, over the last 65 years, and conclusively showed that the solution to the problems of the workers, peasants and toiling masses lies in bringing about a fundamental change in the political system, political process and institutions.

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The Electoral Process needs radical Change

The CGPI utilises the opportunity and platform provided by elections to expose the policies and programs of the state and ruling class, and to promote widespread discussion on the demands and concerns of the working class and people. We clarify to the masses of working people the need for a fundamentally new political system and process that can actually empower the working masses and ensure their prosperity and security.

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The reality of the Right to Education Act

Under the garb of a ‘fundamental right’, India’s education system is being made even more discriminatory and class divided, giving in to the ‘right’ demanded by capitalists to make profits from every sphere of social activity, including education.  The real aim underlying the RTE Act is to fulfil capitalist greed – not the fundamental right of all workers, peasants and their sons and daughters.

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Scramble for Libyan Oil Reserves

Why are the imperialists so desperate to get rid of Gaddafi and install a pliant regime? This must be seen in the context of the inter imperialist conflicts over the redivision of Africa, rich in natural resources. Libya is one of the few countries in Africa (others are Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Eritrea) which are not part of AFRICOM, the newest of Pentagon commands for the African and Mediterranean Basin region.

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