Lok Raj Samiti constituted in Padgha

The Padgha area Lok Raj Samiti was constituted on 8th August in a meeting held in a hall near the Rice Mill of Padgha village (Thane district, Maharashtra) in the presence of hundreds of members. A 20-member Executive Council was elected, which included women and men, young and old.

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Widening disparity between the rich and the poor

A report released by the National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER) reveals that in the past 16 years, the rich have grown richer and the poor poorer. According to the report, the top 20% of our country's population has more than 50% share of the national income in 2009-2010, as compared to the 36.7 % it had in 1993-1994.

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Condemn imperialist-led pressure against Iran!

The Indian state’s stand, joining the big power chorus against Iran’s nuclear program, is utterly hypocritical and shameful. India itself had till recently been the target of the policy of nuclear discrimination, and was at the receiving end of big power sanctions and disapproval for having gone ahead and developed its nuclear program. 

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Pushing the privatisation program in the form of disinvestment

The privatisation program of the bourgeoisie has been given a fresh boost by the policy decisions announced by the Manmohan Singh government on 12th November, 2009. All central government public sector companies which have made profit in the last three years have been asked to get their shares listed on the stock exchange. Listing shares on the stock exchange means that parts of these companies will pass into private owners' hands.  Current regulations require that at least 10 percent of shares of a company must be privately owned for its shares to be listed.  Thus, the present government has initiated the process of privatisation of another 50 public sector companies.

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Genocide of Sikhs in 1984 cannot be forgiven and forgotten!

Political Crimes need political trial and punishment!

Twenty five years have passed since the gruesome state-organised massacre of Sikhs in Delhi and other places in India, following the assassination of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 1st November, 1984.  The massacre of 1984 continues to be called a riot in the official records, which is a travesty of justice and a gross

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Condemn state terror and persecution in the name of curbing naxalism!

Halt the capitalist land grab and demand secure livelihood for all!

by Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary, Communist Ghadar Party of India

According to the Raj Dharma, or science of statecraft, that was preached and practiced in the Indian subcontinent for several centuries before the colonial conquest, it is the duty of the Raja, or the State, to ensure prosperity and protection for all members of society.  The people have the Right to depose, even behead, a Raja who fails to fulfill this duty but instead oppresses the people.

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