Petroleum and gas workers to step up struggle

Petroleum and gas workers have decided to step up their struggle against the anti-social, anti-national and anti-worker program of privatization and in defence of their rights as workers. They will coordinate with electricity and coal workers to organize a united All India strike of energy sector workers in the near future. This decision was taken by the Petroleum and Gas Workers’ Federation of India (PGWFI) at its fifth triennial conference held at Duliajan, Assam in December 2022.

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Meeting organised by Mazdoor Ekta Committee
The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code: Grave Violation of Workers’ Rights

Workers are pointing out that the OSH Code greatly aggravates the already deplorable conditions that workers in all sectors face, in terms of their health, safety and working conditions at the workplace. It is a grave violation of the workers’ right to life and dignity. It is being resolutely opposed by trade unions cutting across party affiliation, and by workers and their organisations in all industries and services.

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On the Centenary of formation of the USSR:
A multi-national proletarian democratic state which protected the national rights of all

The 30th of December this year marks 100 years since the formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).  It was formed as the result of the voluntary coming together of the Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian and Transcaucasian Soviet Republics.  They were national and multinational states consisting of nations and peoples who had been liberated from the rule of the bourgeoisie by the Great October Revolution in 1917

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Unite around the Program for the Navnirman of India!

Speech of Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, on behalf of its Central Committee, on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the founding of the Party.

“It is our task, as communists, to make the crores of exploited and oppressed people unite and defeat the lakhs of exploiters.

“We need to restore the unity of the communist movement in the course of building the revolutionary political unity of the people around the program to establish workers’ and peasants’ rule and lift society out of crisis.”

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