December 16 marked by militant protest actions in Delhi

Hundreds of women and men across Delhi, from nearly 15 different organizations, came together in militant protest actions at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on December 16. The brutal gang rape and murder of a young women in Delhi on this day two years ago, had brought hundreds of people out on to the streets, demanding that the state ensure security for women.

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Privatisation of Coal Mining

On 12 Dec 2014 the Lok Sabha passed the Coal Mines (Special Provisions) Bill, 2014 and the Bill is now in Rajya Sabha for consideration. This important Bill was approved by Lok Sabha by just a voice vote in a great hurry without referring to the relevant Standing Committee.

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Lessons of WW 1

I am writing to thank you for carrying the informative and incisive article commemorating the centenary of the World War I, with the by line `Lessons of the working class and people’.  This is a very timely article at the time when the world continues to teeter on the brink of yet another global conflict on a scale not seen in history.  This war could well be a full fledged nuclear ho

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On the occasion of the 68th Independence Day:

Sovereignty of India is at risk under the rule of the bourgeoisie

Statement of the Central Committee of Communist Ghadar Party of India, 13th August, 2014

India became an independent sovereign state, free from British colonial rule, on 15th August, 1947. It was a time when a revolutionary situation prevailed in our country and on the world scale.

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US President Obama orders air strikes on Iraq:

Oppose the diabolical plan of US to destroy Iraq and Syria

The ISIS, whom the US is now labeling as terrorists, is a US creation.  It was armed and organized by the US allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. It was a part of the grand coalition of terrorist groups set into motion in Syria by the US and its allies under the name of the Free Syrian Army. There are credible reports that the US ordered the 30,000 strong Iraqi army in Mosul to hand it over to 800 ISIS fighters and this was done.

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On the 196th birth anniversary of Karl Marx

Solution to the problems of society can be found only on the basis of the discoveries of Karl Marx

The global economy has been sinking deeper and deeper into crisis over the past five years.  Unemployment, poverty, inflation and all the diseases of the capitalist system are growing from bad to worse.

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