The working class and the Indian Constitution

The Government of India has appointed a Constitutional Review Committee headed by former Chief Justice and head of the government human rights commission, Venkatachelliah. Its terms include review of the functioning of the Constitution in the past 5 decades and suggesting changes, while keeping its "basic structure" intact.

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The Working Class has to Hoist the Banner of Uncompromising Struggle Against Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation

Workers and working people, while fighting in defence of their rights and interests, must not restrict themselves to the bounds of a defensive struggle. The working class has the responsibility of putting forth a broad vision of an alternative to the course of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation in front of the entire country.  

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Privatisation of the Insurance Sector

Worker's Opposition Gaining Momentum 

Lakhs of insurance employees have been waging struggle over the past two months against the introduction of the Insurance privatisation bill in parliament. On December 1, a country-wide strike was observed. Earlier on November 29, massive rallies and dharnas were staged in Delhi as well as all the state capitals.

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Document of 2nd Congress of CGPI

Preparing for the Coming Storms—: Challenge Facing Indian Communists

This report entitled Preparing for the Coming Storms—  Challenge Facing Indian Communists, presented by Comrade Lal Singh, General Secretary of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, on behalf of its Central Committee, was discussed and adopted at the Second Congress of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, held in October 1998.

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2nd Congress: Program and Tasks of the Party

Indian society is mired in the deepest crisis. All that is humane, healthy and pure in our society, along with its rich culture and traditions, is being suffocated and strangulated by the economic and political system. The rulers of our country are taking us on the path of disaster in the service of narrow vested interests.

It is no secret that the workers, peasants, women and youth of India do not agree with this course. They are showing this disagreement through the countless courageous struggles that they are waging today all over the country in defence of livelihood and rights. However, it must be recognised that without one common plan for the reconstruction and rebirth of India, without one common vision, and unity in action to realise this plan and vision, these struggles will lead nowhere. Without such a common plan and program, our rulers will continue to manipulate, divert, suppress and liquidate these struggles. India's workers and peasants need, as never before, unity in action around a common vision and a common program.

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2nd Congress: Resolutions

  • # 1: Resolution on the Central Committee Report
  • # 2: Resolution on Communist Unity
  • # 3: Resolution to Adopt the Program of the Party
  • # 4: Resolution against the Anti-Social Offensive
  • # 5: Resolution on Party Building
  • # 6: Resolution on the Political Crisis
  • # 7: Resolution against State Terrorism
  • # 8: Resolution against Imperialism
  • # 9: Resolution in Support of Struggle for States' Rights
  • # 10: Resolution in Support of People of Indian Origin Living Abroad
  • #11: Other Resolutions
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