On the Right of Nations to Self-determination

Presented by representative of CGPI at All-India Conference on Rights, New Delhi, February 23-24, 2002

The question of the rights of nations is one of the most crucial facing us at the present juncture. A truly incendiary situation prevails in our country, our region and the globe, and it is connected to a large degree with the denial or violation of national rights.

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All-India Conference on Rights

A Timely and Historic Initiative

People’s Voice hails the Conference on Rights organised by Lok Raj Sangathan in Delhi on February 23-24, 2002. It is a timely initiative given the atmosphere of tension and terror that is spreading in India and on the global scale, with rights being curtailed by the state authorities in the name of waging war on terrorism. It is a historic initiative in the sense that this Conference pulled together all the theoretical and philosophical justifications for the defence and affirmation of rights, both individual and collective, based on the best of Indian thought and of scientific and democratic thought and political experience on the world scale.

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Conference on Rights in Delhi

Arming the people with the modern definition of rights

When the State, instead of guaranteeing the rights of citizens, becomes an instrument for their suppression, then it is essential for the people to organise in order to realise their rights. This was the main running theme of the discussions at the All-India Conference on Rights organised by Lok Raj Sangathan in New Delhi on February 23 and 24, 2002.

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Unite against the anti-social offensive of the ruling class and imperialism!

Select and elect candidates who fight for people’s interests!

Appeal of the Communist Ghadar Party of India to the workers, peasants, women, youth and middle strata of Uttar Pradesh

You will be casing your vote for elections to the State Assembly in a few days time. Uttar Pradesh, like the country as a whole, is at the crossroads. There is an increasingly sharp clash between two courses, two different visions, two programs. There is the vision and program of the ruling class and imperialism. And there is the vision and program of the working class and peasantry. It is in your hands, dear voter, to utilise the ongoing elections as one more arena of struggle to advance the program of the working class.

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