Condemn the communal violence in Leicester!  

The British State is responsible for fanning racial and communal violence!

Incidents of communal clashes occurred in Leicester, Britain, in early September, 2022. The Indian Workers Association, Great Britain, and Ghadar International issued a statement condemning the British state for fanning communal violence, and appealing to the people of the South Asian community to preserve and strengthen their unity. We are reproducing below, excerpts from the statement:

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On the Raadia tapes and what they exposed

On 21st September, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) informed the Supreme Court that it did not find anything criminal in the Raadia Tapes.  These tapes refer to the record of telephone conversations, tapped by various state agencies.  They are conversations between Niira Raadia, who represents several major corporate houses, with her pay masters as well as with ministers and politicians of different parties.

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Crisis of Agriculture and its Solution

Meeting organised by Mazdoor Ekta Committee

“The crisis of agriculture affects all sections of society and is of great concern for the working class”, declared Santosh Kumar, on behalf of Mazdoor Ekta Committee (MEC).  He was chairing an online meeting on 11th September on the theme: Crisis of Agriculture and its Solution.

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Seventy-five years since the Partition:
British imperialist strategy behind the partition of India

The Indian people will never ever forget the horrors of communal partition of the subcontinent in 1947. However, the history books hide the real aim of the partition and why it took place. Politicians of the Indian ruling class blame the politicians of Pakistan for the division of the subcontinent. They hide the truth that it was the British imperialists who masterminded it. They organised the partition of India to serve their own interest and the interests of world imperialism as a whole.

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Contract workers of Punjab Roadways on strike

The contract workers of Punjab Roadways, including workers of PUNBUS Sewa and PEPSU Road Transport Corporation, organized a three-day strike from August 14, demanding regular employment and equal pay for equal work. The strike was organized by the PRTC contract workers’ union and about 8,000 workers took part in it. More than 3,000 buses were off the roads due to the strike.

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