Amazon workers demand an end to their gruelling working conditions

Workers of the e-commerce monopoly company, Amazon in India have launched a campaign against their gruelling working conditions. They have written a letter to the Global Senior Vice President and Country Head of Amazon India, Vice President of Operations of Amazon India and to Shri Bhupender Yadav, Minister for Labour and Employment, Government of India. In their letter they have highlighted the inhuman conditions in which they are forced to work, and have highlighted their demands.

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Support the just demand of Station Masters, Loco-pilots and other Railway workers!

Immediately revoke the unjust dismissal of Railway employees!

Throughout the month of March,2024 Indian Railway workers of various departments carried out many agitations across all zones of the country for their demands. The Station Masters under the leadership of the All India Station Masters’ Association (AISMA) and the Loco-pilots under the leadership of the All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) held many demonstration meetings across the country denouncing the unjust dismissal of their colleagues without proper enquiry after a recent incident.

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Home Guards’ Movement in Delhi

Home Guards are disturbed by a notification, recently issued by the Directorate General of Home Guards, Delhi. This notification has been issued for the recruitment of 10,285 home guards in Delhi. The last date for submitting online applications was 13 February and the new recruitments were to be done by 31 March 2024. The existing Home Guards, who are 8,624 in number, fear that after this recruitment drive, their existing jobs will be lost. That is why they have been forced to take to the streets and protest for the last one year to save their jobs.

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