2023 – Struggles of Workers

2023 – Struggles of Workers, Peasants and Toilers in India

In 2023, workers and peasants of our country came out on the streets in protests and strikes against the anti-social and anti-worker offensive of the bourgeoisie. Workers across sectors rallied together for their right to minimum wages, against retrenchment at the will of the capitalists and against labour codes that extended the working day and restricted the rights of the workers to form unions and to strike for their rights.

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11 years after the horrific Nirbhaya rape-and-murder case:
Women remain victims of the worst kind of violence and discrimination

The 16th of December this year marks 11 years of the day that a young working woman, ‘Nirbhaya’, was gang raped and fatally assaulted on a bus in Delhi. The horrific incident led to widespread protests in Delhi and all over India. People demanded punishment of the guilty. They demanded accountability of the state and its police, that have failed to ensure the security women. They demanded mechanisms for ensuring the safety of women and major reforms in the criminal justice system.

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US veto of UN resolution on ceasefire in Gaza is an outrage against humanity

The overwhelming vote by the member countries of the United Nations for an immediate ceasefire reflects the demand of the vast majority of peoples of all countries of the world. Millions of people have come out on the streets in all the countries of the world, including in the US and the UK, voicing this demand. The stand taken by the US is in complete contempt of world public opinion. It is an outrage against humanity.

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75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
The capitalist and imperialist system must be ended, to guarantee human rights

Only by putting an end to capitalist exploitation and placing the vast resources of the country in the hands of the working people can society fulfil the claims of all its members. Only in such a society can the modern definition of human rights be affirmed, as belonging to all members of society, universal and inviolable.

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