Workers killed and injured in a terrible fire in a pharmaceutical company in Visakhapatnam:
The result of capitalists’ greed for maximum profits

Due to the prevailing capitalist system, the Indian state, serving the interests of the capitalists, refuses to ensure safe working conditions for the workers at the workplace, as it perceives it as an obstacle to ensuring maximum profits for the capitalists. To satisfy their greed for maximum profits, the capitalists want to spend minimum on the working conditions of the workers and ignore all safety measures.

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Why Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) need to be guaranteed

On 7th June, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved the announcement of Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for several agricultural products, both for the kharif (summer) and rabi (winter) seasons of 2023-24. Union Minister Piyush Goyal and Prime Minister Modi both declared that the increase in MSPs is higher than usual and will be of benefit to the kisans.

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Indo-US partnership is not in the interest our people!

Conference of the Party Regional Committee at Delhi

During the Prime Minister’s visit, several agreements were signed between the two countries. Besides the agreement on joint manufacturing of military weapons, there is agreement on purchase of several modern weapons by India. The US has delivered 31 MQ 9-B drones to the Indian Navy at a total cost of Rs. 24,600 crore. This money will be recovered by further exploiting the labourers and farmers of the country. American companies will gain huge profits from this deal. American Micron Company will invest Rs. 22,500 crore in production of memory chips in India.

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Israeli government announces plans for rapid expansion of settlements in occupied West Bank

The Israeli government has announced its plans for rapidly expanding the construction of Israeli settlements, with thousands of new housing units, in the occupied West Bank region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ratified the decision in a cabinet meeting on June 18, to by-pass the existing processes and expedite the building of these settlements. Israel’s Supreme Planning Council is expected to meet shortly, to discuss plans for the approval of 4,560 housing units in various areas of the West Bank.

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Challenges facing the working class movement in India

Report by correspondent of Kamgar Ekta Committee

The Kamgar Ekta Committee conducted a meeting in Mumbai on Sunday, 11th June 2023, on the important topic of “Challenges facing the working class movement in India.” The hall was full of workers – men and women of all ages and from diverse occupations like railways, electricity, defence, IT, education and garments.

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