Home Guards’ Movement in Delhi

Home Guards are disturbed by a notification, recently issued by the Directorate General of Home Guards, Delhi. This notification has been issued for the recruitment of 10,285 home guards in Delhi. The last date for submitting online applications was 13 February and the new recruitments were to be done by 31 March 2024. The existing Home Guards, who are 8,624 in number, fear that after this recruitment drive, their existing jobs will be lost. That is why they have been forced to take to the streets and protest for the last one year to save their jobs.

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Zomato delivery workers oppose segregation

Food delivery company Zomato had announced on March 20, that it would introduce a “pure veg fleet”, which will deliver food from purely vegetarian restaurants only. This fleet would wear green and have green delivery boxes on their motorcycles, so that they could be told apart from the other delivery workers of the company, who wear red uniforms and have red delivery boxes.

So firm was the opposition from the Zomato delivery workers, that the company was forced to withdraw the decision the very same day.

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Four years after the communal violence in North East Delhi:
The guilty go free while the innocent suffer in jail!

The Communist Ghadar Party of India demands that the false criminal cases against the victims and the activists who fought to defend the unity of the people must be immediately withdrawn.  Those in jail must be released right away. It is the height of injustice that the real organisers of the crime have gotten away scot-free, while the victims have been accused, persecuted and incarcerated.

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