The government must immediately stop its attacks on Kisans!

Kisans have every right to protest in Delhi for their demands!

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, February 17, 2024

The repression unleashed by the government against kisans has created a very dangerous situation. The Communist Ghadar Party of India calls upon the Central Government to end the repression unleashed against kisans and allow the kisans to march to Delhi.

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Government is playing with the lives of railway workers!

On 10th of February, , all the motormen working in the Mumbai Central Railway suburban division launched an agitation refusing to work extra hours. This followed a motorman of the Central Railway Mumbai suburban services ending his life by jumping in front of a local train. The railway adminstration claimed that the death of this motorman was the result of an accident. The angry motormen of the Central Railway suburban services rejected this claim of the railway administration.

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