How and why did the United Nations come into being?

75th anniversary of the United Nations: Part-II 

Even before the end of World War II, the Allies who were fighting jointly against Nazism and fascism got together on several occasions to discuss how to ensure a lasting peace after the War ended and how to spare humanity from the horrors of another such war.  Various meetings were held between the leaders of the major Allied powers, including the US, Soviet Union, Britain and China to discuss this.

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Major developments since the founding of the UN

75th anniversary of the United Nations: Part-III 

The apprehensions of the Soviet Union and the socialist camp that the US and other imperialist powers would try and use the UN in their own interests, were proved true very early on.  The imperialist powers refused to allow the government of the People’s Republic of China, following the victorious revolution of 1949, to occupy China’s permanent seat in the UN Security Council, and backed the claim of the defeated Guomindang government that had fled to Taiwan. …

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What is the way forward for the United Nations?

75th anniversary of the United Nations: Part-IV

At present, there is a widespread and growing demand among member countries for reform of the UN.  It is unacceptable that just five countries continue to have deciding powers on questions related to war and peace in the UN. This is particularly unacceptable when we see that it is these powers, and particularly US imperialism, who are largely responsible for most of the conflict and rising tensions in today’s world. …

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