Buddhadeb’s apology is not acceptable! This is not communism!

Use of force against political rivals and to quell all opposition among the people, for the sake of promoting one’s own party’s interest, has nothing to do with communism. Communists work for advancing the interests of the working class. Their aim is to bring the working class and peasantry to power, not to establish and defend a party dictatorship by fire and sword. It is the bourgeoisie that resorts to violence and terror to safeguard and strengthen its rule.

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Condemn the violence unleashed by CPI(M) in Nandigram!

This is not communism! It is state terrorism!

Revenge-seeking by one party against another has nothing to do with communism. The conduct of CPI(M) has nothing to do with the ideology of Marxism. For a party to use violence against its political opponents is against all norms of democracy… What happened in Nandigram is not an aberration or excess. It is the inevitable consequence of the complete merger of the CPIM with the political system and process in India through which the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie is exercised in our country, and its use of the very same instruments and methods to keep the working class and peasantry divided and suppressed as done by other bourgeois parties.

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No to the Indo-US strategic alliance!

Demand public debate and parliamentary approval!

Statement of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, September 9, 2007

The UPA Government is rushing headlong into a strategic alliance with one of the most dangerous powers hated by wide sections of people in our country – US imperialism.

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