Nurses on the path of struggle in Rajasthan

Report of the correspondent of Mazdoor Ekta Committee

At the call of the Rajasthan Nurses Joint Sangharsh Samiti, nurses working in various district hospitals of Rajasthan took out a candle march and torch procession on August 14, 2023, in support of their demands. The protesting nurses shouted slogans against the state government. On 15th August, Independence Day, the nurses hoisted the flag at the protest sites as a show of their demands. The nurses warned that if the government did not take any action on their demands, they would organize a massive rally and demonstration in Jaipur on 25th August.

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Workers strike across the country

Workers organized programs of mahapadav (large protests) across the country on 9th August 2023, at the initiative of the United Forum of Trade Unions. They organized several processions, dharnas, meetings and protests in different state capitals and district-tehsil headquarters against the anti-labour, anti-farmer, anti-people policies of the central government and in support of their demands. It is estimated that such mahapadavs were organized at more than 700 places across the country.

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On the 76th Anniversary of Indian Independence:
Independence is incomplete without liberation from exploitation, oppression and discrimination

The people of India need to be liberated from capitalist exploitation and imperialist plunder, as well as caste discrimination, women’s oppression and state-sponsored communal and sectarian violence. The working class needs to lead the struggle for liberation, in alliance with the peasants and all other toiling and oppressed people.

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What is growing and what is not growing?

Government spokesmen claim that India is the fastest growing major economy of the world. However, most people know that their standard of living is not improving. The incomes of many working people have not even kept up with the rising prices of essential consumption articles. It is necessary to probe beneath the figures of GDP growth to figure out what is really happening.

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