Union Budget 2023-24:
An exercise in increasing loot of the working people to enrich the capitalists

Like every year, as the presentation of the Union Budget approaches, various lobbies of Indian and foreign monopoly capitalists have been raising the demand of further corporate tax cuts and government handouts. They are arguing that when the global economy is slowing down, capitalists need more “incentives” to keep the Indian economy growing at a fast pace.

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More than one million workers strike in France

More than a million workers, cutting across trade union affiliations, unitedly participated in a one-day strike all across France, on January 19, 2023. They were protesting against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to raise the legal age of retirement to 64 from 62, thereby denying them their due pension for another two years.

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On the 73rd Anniversary of the Indian Republic:
This republic is designed to exclude the working people from power

Statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, January 18, 2023

People must have the right to propose and to reject laws. They must have the right to amend or reformulate the Constitution. We must enjoy the right to select candidates for election, to hold those elected to account and recall them at any time, and the right to initiate legislation. Instead of making decisions in the people’s name, political parties must be duty bound to ensure that decision-making power remains in the people’s hands.

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Power sector workers in Maharashtra step up their struggle against privatisation
Privatisation of electricity is anti-social and anti-worker

Over the last 2 years power sector workers across the country have repeatedly challenged the capitalist plan of power sector privatisation. In December ’22 and first week of January ’23 it was the turn of the power sector workers of Maharashtra, who through their relentless campaign across Maharashtra, culminating with the strike on 4th January ’23 defiantly opposed the  further privatisation of the power sector.

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