Third meeting on “Crisis of Agriculture and its solution”

“Food is an essential requirement of society, so those who produce food must be assured of a secure livelihood. But if large sections of the society are under-fed and those who produce food are driven to suicide due to lack of a secure livelihood, then that is a definite sign of the crisis.” With these opening remarks, Birju Nayak, secretary of Mazdoor Ekta Committee began his address to the third meeting on ‘Crisis of Agriculture and its solution’ organised by Mazdoor Ekta Committee (MEC) on October 20.

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The State of the Indian Economy

Just four weeks ago in the first week of September, there was great jubilation in the government, in the corporate world and the media that India had overtaken the UK to become the 5th largest economy in the world. This news gave rise to a lot of discussion on how the Indian economy has been growing over the years.

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On ban of political and social organisations

The experience of the past seventy five years shows that banning this or that political or social organization has not served society. Nor has jailing people for their political views or activities. People have the right to have their own vision of society and to propagate their vision. Revenge-seeking must have no place in politics.

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Crisis of Indian Agriculture and its Resolution

Agriculture is essential for feeding the population of our country. It is a major economic activity on which crores of peasants and agricultural workers depend for their livelihood. However, in India today, agriculture is neither ensuring adequate nutritious food for the population nor providing secure livelihood to those engaged in producing the food. The crisis of agriculture is endangering the Indian society as a whole.

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Condemn the communal violence in Leicester!  

The British State is responsible for fanning racial and communal violence!

Incidents of communal clashes occurred in Leicester, Britain, in early September, 2022. The Indian Workers Association, Great Britain, and Ghadar International issued a statement condemning the British state for fanning communal violence, and appealing to the people of the South Asian community to preserve and strengthen their unity. We are reproducing below, excerpts from the statement:

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