Actions around the world in support of the Indian peasants

Massive rallies in front of India’s missions abroad are taking place in support of farmers. Millions of people have signed petitions. Non-resident Indians (NRIs), especially Punjabis abroad, are playing an important role. For example, young second and third generation Punjabis abroad are explaining to their relatives the experience of farmers in the U.S. and Canada where big corporate agribusinesses stole the lands of Indigenous peoples and farmers.

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We Workers Support the Just Demands of Our Peasant Brothers and Sisters!

Peasant-Worker Unity Zindabad!

An Attack on One is an Attack on All!

Joint statement issued by workers’ organisations, December 2020

Like crores and crores of people all over our country as well as innumerable people from all over the world, we the workers of the undersigned unions and organisations support the just demands of our peasants and demand that they be immediately fulfilled!

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The three anti-peasant laws must be withdrawn! Stop the looting of peasants!

Statement of Indian Workers Association (GB), December 6, 2020

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Lakhs of peasants from Punjab and Haryana who have come to Delhi to demand the withdrawal of anti-peasant laws passed by the central government of India, are braving bitter cold and sleeping rough without any facilities for shower or the call of nature, for the 11th day since 26th of November on Delhi borders.

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